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Fan Club
Name: National Fantasy Fan Federation
Dates: 1941-
Founder(s): Damon Knight
Country based in:
Focus: Fantasy/Science Fiction
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National Fantasy Fan Federation was founded in 1941.

Here was a brief history:


It might be stated here that the NFFF is the baby of Damon Knight and the Stranger Club. Knight thot of it; the Strangers snapped at the bait and started the ball rolling. Earl Singleton did a great deal for it in those first days when it didn't look as if the baby would get much encouragement from fandom.

Robert A. W. Lowndes: "Strangers" in Boston. Fanfare #6 pg. 21 (April 1941)

I hereby second Nebula's rebuke to the NFFF. Although the organization has had some recent hard luck, because of one of its officers' dilatory tactics, there's still no denying that after more than a year of existence, it has accomplished no single concrete thing, except its club organ's irregular appearance. I'm rather inclined to believe most of the trouble lies in the bulky set-up.... After all, the NFFF isn't attempting to govern the daily life of thousands of persons--it's in theory a sort of clearing house for fandom, an organization for settling problems and raising fandom by its own bootstraps, since the NFFF is fandom. The preceding year proved that fans will cooperate on such a club. These are the days when an active NFFF is needed, now that fandom is being torn apart by the draft...

Harry Warner, Jr.: From the Control Room. Spaceways #30 pg. 20 (Sept. 1942)

From a 1992 flyer:

The pleasure of meeting other Science Fiction and Fantasy fans doesn't have to stop with the last Dead Dog party. You can meet fans all year 'round as a member of The National Fantasy Fan Federation (N3F), a correspondence club for readers and viewers of Science Fiction and Fantasy, founded in 1941 and still going strong. Our club, the N3F, is spread all over this nation and even to a few others (no extraterrestrials yet but we are working on it). We meet via the U.S. mails in not one but two lavishly illustrated fanzines and thru letters, an APA, video and audio tapes, Round Robins and whatever else we can scrounge for the purpose of communication. As a member of the N3F you enjoy easy access to tons 'o fanzines, upcoming conventions and yet more clubs.

Joining N3F is as easy as it is rewarding. Just fill out the Membership Application on the back of this flyer and mail it along with your Dues to: William Center [address redacted]