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Title: Yandro
Editor(s): Robert (Buck) and Juanita Coulson
Date(s): 1953-1986
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Yandro is a gen multifandom science fiction zine.

It was published from 1953 to 1986 by Buck and Juanita Coulson. Over that period, they published 259 issues. Among other articles, Yandro featured Coulson's incisive reviews of books and, especially, fanzines.

It is the fanzine that inspired T-Negative. From Boldly Writing: "In her editorial, Ruth gave her reasons for starting the fanzine: 'In November 1968 I started watching Star Trek, mainly because Juanita Coulson had recommended it so highly in Yandro'."

Many issues have been scanned and made available online as part of The Fanac Fan History Project: Yandro.

Issue 122

Yandro 122 was published in March 1963.

Issue 168

Yandro 168 was published in February 1967.

Contents: Star Trek cover. Illo of Captain Kirk by George Barr on contents page. 5 page review of the first 15 episodes of STAR TREK by Juanita Coulson and Kay Anderson titled "The Roddenberry Maneuver" (one of the first, or perhaps the first, detailed review of Star Trek in a fanzine). The column With Jaundiced Eye by Ted White. Also many book reviews, magazine reviews and fanzine reviews. Plus art by Dan Adkins, Jim Cawthorn and others. Letters column.

From the editorial by Juanita:

For various and sundry reasons, this issue has almost been taken over by STAR TREK, pro and con. Ted's column this issue is the first of two parts (no, the second does not concern STAR TREK), and since I had been planning, with Kay Anderson, to do my own writeup on the series, Ted's column provided a proper springboard.

Why did I do it now? I can hear the questions ringing out there, particularly from a region of New York State which has previously expressed extreme disenchantment with STAR TREK and utter inability to see its appeal.

I am doing it now (the article about STAR TREK—that's what I'm talking about; pay attention) because Ted did his article now, and because it's time to start thinking about nominations for Hugo balloting. Yes, now it is time to start thinking about Hugo balloting, not July or August; by that time nominations have been made, and the choice is painfully narrowed and beyond a mere editrix's control.

[much snipped about bloc-voting]

I, for one, would not care to see the Hugo Awards dominated by any one group or bloc....but perhaps that is what we have come to. I hope not. Labor Day this year shall tell.

The scorners of STAR TREK do not seem to have an alternate dramatic piece of stf to offer; they usually do not like anything tv calls sf or f. The supporters of dramatic science fiction seem to feel STAR TREK is worth a bit of loyalty. I hope they see fit to put their loyalty on a Hugo nomination ballot. Otherwise, we just might see a TARZAN episode listed as the Best Dramatic Presentation on the Hugo Nycon 3 hands out. JWC

Issue 173

Yandro 173 was published in 1967 and contains 32 pages. It has a cover by Cynthia Goldstone.

  • artwork by JWC, DEA, Jay Kinney, Jim Cawthorn, others
  • Ruth Berman - 10 page Star Trek bibliography
  • fanzine reviews
  • a long letter column (includes letters from Gene Roddenberry (1 1/2 pages long), John Brunner, others )
  • editorial content
  • many book and magazine reviews
  • art by Jay Kinney, Jim Cawthorn and others
from a 10-page article and bibliography from Yandro #173 (August 1967) by Ruth Berman that discusses fan magazines
from a 10-page article and bibliography from Yandro #173 (August 1967) by Ruth Berman that discusses fan magazines

Issue 174

Yandro 174 was published in 1967 and contains 36 pages. It has a cover by Jim Cawthorn.

  • artwork by JWC, Arthur Thomson, Dan Adkins, Jay Kinney, Robert Gilbert, others
  • Author Poll results
  • many reviews
  • fanzine reviews
  • a long letter column ( includes long letters from Gene Roddenberry, Ted White, Don Thompson, John Brunner, + others )
  • editorial content