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Name: Jonathan "Pa" Kent
Occupation: farmer
Location: Smallville, Kansas
Status: usually deceased
Relationships: Martha Kent (wife)
Clark Kent (adoptive son)
Fandom: Superman
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Jonathan Kent, commonly known as Pa Kent, is the adoptive father of Clark Kent in the DC Comics universe. In the original (Earth-Two) Superman origin story, his name is John Kent; in some adaptions he is known as Eben Kent.


When Jonathan does appear in fanworks, he is usually paired with his wife, Martha.


DC Animated Universe

Lois & Clark

Jonathan Kent is depicted as a man in his sixties; he and Martha are still alive and active and play an important part in Clark's life, appearing in approximately half the episodes. He is primarily a farmer, and doesn't show many other interests. In most stories Martha seems to take the lead in their activities.


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Superman Movies

All of the Superman movies borrow from early comics canon and kill Jonathan off before Clark becomes an active superhero. In the Christopher Reeve films he dies of a heart attack while racing the teenaged Clark. In Superman Returns the cause of his death is not explicitly stated, but seems to be the same. In Man of Steel he dies in a tornado after forbidding Clark to help him rescue a dog since it will reveal his powers. This is referenced in a vision of Jonathan in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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