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Name: Martha "Ma" Kent née Clark
Occupation: farmer
Location: Smallville, Kansas
Status: varies
Relationships: Jonathan Kent (husband)
Clark Kent (adoptive son)
Fandom: Superman
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Martha Kent, commonly known as Ma Kent, is the adoptive mother of Clark Kent in the DC Comics universe. In the original (Earth-Two) Superman origin story, her name is Mary Kent.



DC Animated Universe

Lois & Clark

Martha Kent is depicted as a woman in her sixties; she and Jonathan are still alive and active and play an important part in Clark's life, appearing in approximately half the episodes. Although the Kents are farmers, she is also an artist and sculptor who has worked with welded steel, holograms, and other media. She makes Clark's costume (as well as several he does not like, such as a leopadskin print variant); when Lois briefly acquires powers and adopts the identity of Ultrawoman Martha makes her costume too. She is generally depicted as taking the initiative in stories that involve both parents.


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Superman Movies

Following early comics canon, Martha is left a widow after Jonathan's death in all movie versions, and is left in Smallville when Clark moves to Metropolis. In Superman Returns she is shown as running the Kent farm on her own (and befriending or in some sort of relationship with neighboring farmer Ben Hubbard) at the time of Clark's return. In Man of Steel Martha is threatened by General Zod, refuses to help him find her son, and is ultimately rescued by Clark. In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice she is kidnapped and held hostage by Lex Luthor, rescued by Batman, and takes part in Clark's funeral.

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