Clark Kent/Kara Zor-El

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Pairing: Clark Kent/Kara Zor-El
Alternative name(s): Superman/Supergirl, Clara
Gender category: Het, Incest
Fandom: Superman & Supergirl, Justice League, DC Comics, Smallville, Supergirl (TV series) (Arrowverse)
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: rare
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Kara/Clark is a het incest pairing between the cousins Kara Zor-El (Supergirl) and Clark Kent (Superman).


Early comic book storylines often had suggestive storylines between to two characters as the last children of Krypton. Although they never got together because relationships between cousins on Krypton was against the law[1]. Otherwise they are very close as cousins and as members of the Justice League.

In the DCAU, they are actually not related although Jonathan and Martha Kent "adopt" Kara once Clark returned back to Earth with her.

In Smallville and Supergirl, they are related and Kara was sent to Earth to protect Kal-El although her ship got knocked off course and ended up arriving to Earth after Clark was a teenager (or an adult & already Superman in Supergirl's TV series case).


Despite the early comic book storylines that had fairly suggestive storylines between the two cousins, shipping the two characters didn't really appear until much later in their fannish history. Since incest shipping isn't really popular in the Superman fandom, shipping Kara and Clark with others were more common than with each other. Although it is possible that more people actually ship it, but they simply keep it a secret so they aren't judged.

Even in Smallville, where fans shipped Lionel/Lex, the pairing Clark/Kara was very rare - only a handful of fanworks were produced. It probably wasn't until the Supergirl TV series that more people started shipping them together due to their onscreen texting/instant messaging each other scenes that a lot of episodes in Season 1 had, showing that they talked constantly and encouraged each other (and saving each other). When it was announced that Clark Kent was actually appearing in Season 2, many Kara/Clark fans were happy to have another chance at seeing them interact on screen. More gifsets and discussion were posted to Tumblr focusing on the pairing, while mainly focused on the Supergirl TV series version, some gifsets of Smallville Kara/Clark also appeared.




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  1. ^ "We can't marry because we're cousins! ... we're both from the planet Krypton, where the marriage of cousins was unlawful!" Discussion post at Shipcestuous about dialogue.