Paradise? (Star Trek: TOS story by Liz)

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Paradise?
Author(s): Liz
Date(s): 2001
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Paradise? is a K/S story written and illustrated by Liz.

It was published in the print zine Legends #1.


"Long years after Kirk’s death in the Nexus, Spock struggles to find a way to change Kirk’s past fate. With the solution at hand, all that’s left for Spock to do is be in the right place at the right time… and then convince Kirk to leave the perfected existence offered in the Nexus."

Reactions and Reviews

Again, here is yet another brand new, hot off the presses, wonderful K/S story that includes 2 lovely drawings by the author. Go Liz! This is a Spock-searching-for-Kirk in the Nexus story, so we see an older K&S here. I'll say this, it's a real treat to read! Heart-warming and tender, even a bit sad too, because of what Spock finds when he finally reaches Kirk. But most of all it's very satisfying. Nothing will ever make up for ST Generations but stories like this one sure do help ease the pain of that movie. Also, a lovely 'first time" scene to which there is a drawing... [1]
Here's a story that takes Generations, a sore subject for me, and gives an alternative that is enjoyable instead.

Spock is informed of Kirk's disappearance into the Nexus from the Enterprise-B. 78 years later, he is informed of Kirk's death at the hand of Dr. Soran. We learn that during those 78 years he had been secretly studying Dr. Soran's work of the Nexus, trying to find a way to rescue Kirk, and now learning of his death Spock is despondent. While he had hopes of one day finding Kirk he continued, but now Spock realizes just how empty he is without Kirk. He decides to after him, even using his logic to validate what he wants to do, like deciding the echo of Kirk Guinan had told him about will remain in the Nexus and so can help Picard, or Picard can go back to the Nexus again and again until he finds a solution other than Kirk. Love that logical mind!

Spock gets a ship and heads off for a planet withinthe Romulan Empire, planning to use time-travel to take him back 39 years to that planet's past and get him into the Nexus. I love Spock's doubts as he determinedly follows his plan, wondering if he can fill Kirk's needs, if Kirk even wanted him to, and how if the Nexus was like living in paradise as Guinan had said, would Kirk want to leave.

It is so sad when Spock makes it and finds Kirk, with another Spock! Worse, Kirk is making love to this Spock, a Spock that the original Spock believes he cant live up to, because this made-up one is Kirk'sfantasy, and how could he compete with a fantasy fulfilled? Later Kirk finds him, alone in his misery, and Spock explains about what has happened to Kirk. I loved how Kirk instantly knew this was the real Spock. Despite having his dream Spock, Kirk had been restless and confused, knowing something wasn't right, and he now has found his way again with the real Spock.

Finally, after so many years apart and incomplete, they make love. It's a wonderful scene, complete with a drawing also done by the author. There's a lot more detail to this story that I'm not going into. A good read by a new writer, artist, and vid-makert How talented can one person be? Keep going, Liz! [2]
Finally! It would be difficult to calculate the number of times that I have tried to work out in my mind a way to get Spock and Kirk together in the Nexus. I know that many of you have decided STVII just didn't happen, but I saw it and I can't quite dismiss it. Not only that, but I see in it an opportunity to bring Kirk and Spock together for all eternity, but that's as far as my mind would take it. The whole idea is too complex for me.

Now Liz has solved all my problems (at least those to do with the Nexus). This is a great little story, filled with just the right amount of confusion regarding the workings of the Nexus to be believable. It's so hard to wrap your mind around any kind of time travel or time distortion, but Liz manages very well. There is much angst here, especially for Spock, but understandably for Kirk as well, because man is not meant for Paradise. In spite of wanting nothing more than to be with Kirk again, Spock has allowed himself to be detained for two passages of the Nexus because to follow his wishes would endanger others. True to his nature, he has sacrificed himself for the good of the many. For nearly 80 years he has despaired of seeing Kirk again, has driven himself to a certain level of success without a hint of personal satisfaction. Without retelling the story, which would be an insult to this very talented author, it can be said that both Spock's and Kirk's feelings, their reactions to the life-paths that fate has drawn for them are skillfully descriptive. It is impossible not to hurt along with them as they try to puzzle their way through separation and the mysterious energy ribbon that envelops Kirk. To have written this scenario as difficult for one man and not for the other would have been wrong. Both are suitably torn by circumstances. Spock has made decisions that were logical and right for everyone but himself and we are allowed to see how this affects him. Kirk has experienced Paradise, everything that he ever wanted, and found it lonely and lacking. His confusion at this predicament is very realistically depicted. We hurt so much for them both. And my fondest wish is, in the end, answered in a way that suits this complicated story very well. The Nexus may be able to destroy planets and transcend time, but it is nothing compared to the force of true love.

This review would be incomplete without mentioning the two very complimentary pictures, also executed by Liz, that accompany "Paradise?". One is a stunning long- haired Spock, with deep dark eyes that defy reality (and are explained in the story). My favorite is of them together, Kirk lying atop Spock, linked to him by both flesh and spirit...a gorgeous depiction that displays the ultimate satisfaction for both men. [3]


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