Pon Koon

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Pon Koon
Author(s): Theresa Kyle
Date(s): 2003
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Pon Koon is a K/S story by Theresa Kyle.

It was published in the print zine Legends #3.


"On the way to Vulcan, the compassion of a captain for his first officer and best friend leads to strain between the two once they’ve left Vulcan’s pull. Is it embarrassment or regret? Or is it something else?"

Reactions and Reviews

I really enjoyed this story. It had many familiar plot elements I've read in pon farr stories over the years, (Kirk helps Spock get some physical relief the night before Spock is to bond with T'Pring; after the fiasco on Vulcan, Spock won't talk to Kirk and then wants to transfer; Kirk offers to bond with Spock to keep him on the Enterprise; Kirk then finds out the events on Vulcan already bonded him to Spock etc.) but they were skillfully used to make a very interesting story that held my attention to the end. I liked the characterizations of both Kirk and Spock very much, and the writing style is wonderful— very assured, smooth and flowing. The story switches between Spock and Kirk's POV, and there is a lot of dialogue—some is the internal thoughts of Kirk and Spock, and some is conversations between the two of them, and at all times I felt as though I was really listening to Kirk and Spock. (There are also several scenes of Kirk conversing with McCoy, and they are equally well written.) A very nice love scene that is very tender and intense is the perfect end to this story — I love the comment about Spock's "adorable" ears, and the use of Vulcan phrases. This was a most satisfying read. [1]
Badly needing a break from 3 days of yard work and wanting some K/S to rejuvenate me, I pulled Legends Three out of my closet. I’m so happy my hands landed on this zine. A note in the front says I read it three years ago, but I looked back and can’t find that I’ve LOC’d this particular story, so here goes.

An excellent read, this is one to lean back and enjoy in one swoop if possible. The love between Kirk and Spock is well within boundaries that are comprehensible to me. After Kirk helps Spock relieve the symptoms of Pon Farr while enroute to Vulcan, Spock suddenly avoids Kirk at every opportunity. There is a nice accounting of the life-saving procedure, (smiles) but what holds my interest most are the strong feelings both men are concealing after the event. Kirk hides his in deference to Spock, whose actions he completely misunderstands. He believes Spock must hate him, which of course, is farthest from the truth. Misunderstandings in K/S can sometimes be dragged out too long, but such is not the case here. These remain two intelligent, reasonable men, who simply have too much at stake to take any risk with each other’s feelings. I love reading this kind of story, where the trepidation and the longing are so deftly drawn out by the author that the reader feels it in her gut. Never is there a lack of compassion and caring, it is only confusion, self-doubt and desperation that cause all the pain. I found the dialogue between Kirk and Spock to be darned near perfect, too.

The way Kirk finally gets the answer to the puzzle is very clever and a decidedly bright spot in the story. And of course, all’s well that ends well—and this ends very well. [2]


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