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Fan of Star Trek in both its TOS and reboot incarnations, I love to read fanfic both online and in fanzines. I have done some illos for fanzines in the past, attended a couple of KiSCons and helped editing or retyping zine fics for posting online. I started editing on Fanlore in 2010 and fell back quite a bit in the past couple of years; from what I see, the listings have become much more complete since then, but I'm hoping I can still be of some help!

What I want to do on Fanlore and why:

  • Since pretty art is a major reason I'm willing to pay for fanzines, I intend to add cover pics and amples of interior art whenever needed.
  • Add page counts for the stories in all the zines in my collection. It is infuriating to buy a zine because a specific story appeals to you based on summary/author/whatever, and realize after shedding $20 on it that said "story" is actually 3 pages long. I consider story page count a basic and very important information.
  • Flesh out pages for my favorite Trek zine authors, mainly by making lists of stories they've written, what zines they were in, and linking back to those stories' page on Fanlore when they have one.

If there's something I'm doing wrong or omitting, please do tell! I'm no html editor and I'm mostly copying the structure and codes I see in the existing listing to do my own edits/additions. I'm also not a native English-speaker, so I won't tinker much with the wording or grammar, unless I know for sure there is a mistake.

You may visit me on Tumblr or at my blog. I am also a fan of Sherlock and Merlin, and if you are interested, I have extensive lists of fic recs for all of those fandoms. As some excerpts from them have been quoted on Fanlore, I'm guessing it should be OK to mention them here: