In Your Eyes (Star Trek: TOS story)

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: In Your Eyes
Author(s): Dovya Blacque
Date(s): 2010
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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In Your Eyes is a Star Trek: TOS Kirk/Spock story by Dovya Blacque.

It was published in the print zine Legends #6.


""You will be seated beside your mate, as is tradition. Tradition," she laughed. "Even when we party we follow traditions." My mate? "Ma'am?" he questioned just as he felt Kirk's hand in the middle of his back. "You and Captain Kirk will be seated beside me and my mate. Though, to be honest," she said confidentially, "she and I would much rather be at home getting reacquainted; I've been off world for nearly six months." Too much information was accosting him. Jim and I? What could possibly have given her that idea? She was with us for nearly a week and she created this fantasy? It didn't seem like her at all. No, this was something Anlon thought was a truth. Spock was still ruminating over the fact that someone had mistaken Kirk for his mate when he felt a cool hand on the back of his left hand. "Relax, Spock," Kirk muttered to him. "Just go along with this and you'll be saving me a lot of grief." He understood: if Kirk had a mate, the females on Notnob would leave him alone. It confused him because Kirk usually welcomed such attentions. And to use such a lie to fend them off? It seemed beneath his friend. Then again, the women were very beautiful and very persistent. Mentally he buckled down to act as Kirk's mate for the evening."

Reactions and Reviews

In Your Eyes is a frist time story that‘s a through and through pleasurable read and confirms Dovya Blacque‘s competence.

At the end of an banquet given for Kirk and his crew to celebrate the planet‘s 10th anniversary since having signed the Federation charter. For the celebration, Kirk lets the planet‘s persistent and female representative think that he and Spock are a couple and – surprise surprise – no one questions something so obvious. Even Spock accepts it for the time being, rather distracted anyway by observing and admiring Kirk‘s every move. As this charter signing came not without resistance from some part of the people, said people try to interfere the planet‘s relationship with the Federation by assaulting Kirk. Caused by these injuries Spock intensifies his thinking about Kirk and their friendship, noticing he‘d been drawn to him ever since. The reader feels right from the beginning how lovesick Spock actually is already (either that or it‘s my K/S soaked soul), even though he doesn‘t know it himself yet. There‘s a wonderfully moving sickbay scene in which Kirk, slightly drugged but far away from being out of his mind, whispers amongst other things what a good husband Spock would make and what follows is a little teasing about the Vulcan Spock‘s smile and that‘s one of my favourite dialogues (Kirk begins):

“(...) Not quite a twitch but it‟s a definite smile. A Spock smile.” “As I‟ve suspected for some time, I have been around humans for far too long” “Not long enough, not yet. Don‟t go anywhere without me, Spock.” Spock felt his throat tighten at Kirk‟s open words. “Never,” he told him, reaching one hand to smooth covers that didn‟t quite require smoothing. Both approaching each other slowly with Kirk taking the initiative yet he is so careful, so cautious in his behaviour toward Spock as he doesn‘t want to push him somewhere the Vulcan don‘t wanna go. A dream and Kirk‘s suggestion to mate indeed help both of them on the way and soon they‘re lost in kissing, touching, gasping, licking and gorgeously lots of sweet moaning. Finding out they‘re bonded already (squee!!) what else could be the next step then to marry? The author‘s style offers a very detailed and rich story to sink into and her knowledge of characters is doubtlessly - and as usual - convincing. I‘ve always liked Dovya‘s writing and what I especially like about 'In Your Eyes' is the wittiness in the dialogues and conversations – for instance how Spock counted how often Kirk had to say he‘s honoured or how damned smug Spock was now and then or how Kirk is 'thinking at Spock' (I love it). It‘s brilliant and makes the reading incredibly delightful.

'In Your Eyes' will certainly have a place up high in my reread list. [1]
In my previous reviews of this author‘s stories, I‘ve often commented on how she tends to write a story based on a particular plot I‘m not too crazy about, and yet still is able to keep my interest to the point where I not only really like the story, but will often read it again and again. So when I saw this story in the table of contents in the zine, I fully expected the same thing to happen again. It was only when I began reading the story that I realized that I was in for something different this time and that difference almost tempted me to stop reading it, but once again that magic she has kicked in and I found I could not put it down. And I‘m glad I didn‘t because just like a magic trick, this story starts out with the reader knowing something unexpected is going to happen; they‘re just not sure what. And when that trick of hand is finally revealed, it‘s almost like the trick hasn‘t quite turned out the way the magician or the audience expected. For while the reader can‘t help but feel relieved that events have taken the turn they have, the result is not the happy ending one might be expecting. More effort still needs to be made before the magic can have its intended effect, but it‘s an effort both Kirk and Spock are willing to make. Like I‘ve said before, this author always brings a unique touch to her stories and while this particular touch doesn‘t follow the usual fare I‘ve come to expect from her, it was a wonderfully pleasant and very successful surprise. [2]


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