Jean Hinson

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Name: Jean Hinson
Alias(es): D.J. Hinson
Type: fanzine publisher, fan writer
Fandoms: Star Trek
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Jean Hinson was a Star Trek fan writer. She also published numerous fanzines as Firetrine Press.

Hinson was fan A.V. Wilde's mother.

In 1990 she offered the following biographical glimpse in The LOC Connection:

"Actually, it started for me in 1966. September 8th. I think it was. I sat down in front of my TV set and fell in love. No, not with Kirk or Spock—with the Enterprise. With an ideal, a concept, whatever you call the basic Star Trek premise. The romance continued for fifteen years while I pursued my life....I guess I was a K/S fan before I ever heard of K/S; there are a few scenes in various episodes of ST where the chemistry between Kirk and Spock jump off the screen at you. When I discovered conventions—and K/S zines, in 1982, my first reaction was "of course", and I naturally read everything I could get my hands on. K/S fandom has been likened to a virus, with stages of contagion: First, you read. After a while you think, "I could write, couldn't I?' So you do. Later, writing gives way to mentally editing what you're reading—and again, you think, "I could edit. I could publish a zine....When you reach that point, you're locked into the cycle. You're a zine editor."

She died in March 2006. In a letter to the K/S Press she was described:

"Jean was the author of the novel Sojourns as well as a few other stories under various pennames. She published the K/S zine series Way of the Warrior (eight issues), at first collaborating with her friend Pat Friedman until Pat died, and then on her own under the Firetrine Press name. Firetrine also published the mixed gen and K/S zines Between Friends, Off the Wall, and Twilight Trek, as well as the K/S zine Impact."