Between Friends (Star Trek: TOS zine)

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Title: Between Friends
Publisher: Firetrine Press
Editor(s): Jean Hinson
Date(s): 1990
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Between Friends is a K/S Star Trek: TOS slash 180-page anthology. Art by Ann Mara MacConahey (some appeared in Naked Times), Anja Gruber, and Lori Lee.

It required an age statement to purchase.


Summaries by Gilda F.

  • Advice from an Old Friend by Natasha Barry (Kirk has a deep discussion with Gary Mitchellʼs simulacrum while on the Shore Leave planet regarding Kirkʼs feelings for Spock.)
  • Phlod by Betsy Fisher (While the Enterprise is in orbit above Earth, Spock is abducted to be used in an experiment to replace humans with androids.)
  • A Warrior's Tears by Shelley Butler (Non K/S (het))
  • Paid in Full by Jatona P. Walker (Before Spockʼs katra is returned to his body, McCoy is shone scenes from a previous life they shared with Kirk and learns why he was chosen to carry Spockʼs katra and what he must do in order to atone for past actions. Also in Adult Situations #2)
  • Six Weeks by Gena Moretti (On a planet exploration for six weeks, soon after they arrive Kirk and Spock discover two infants accidentally left behind by the recently departed World Inspectors. Sequel: Seven Years Later)
  • Seven Years Later by Gena Moretti (Kirk and Spock are reunited with the now young boys they cared for so many years before. Prequel: Six Weeks)


Reactions and Reviews

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[zine]: ADVICE FROM AN OLD FRIEND is a short pre K/S piece set on the Shore Leave planet. In conversation with an android Gary Mitchell, Kirk faces his love for Spock. Has a clever approach.

PHLOD again set pre K/S, is told partly from McCoy's point of view. Spock is tricked into taking part in an unauthorised experiment by an Admiral in Starfleet Security, his brain waves used to programme an android duplicate. I have some reservations about the Admiral, but it would be unrealistic to suppose that Starfleet doesn't have its share of unpleasant types. The occasional change of point of view is initially distracting, but the reader soon becomes accustomed to it; also, it allows personal reaction in a story that could not be wholly told in the first person.

A WARRIOR'S TEARS is straight adult, and deals with Kirk's next meeting with Elaan. Although the attraction between them is still strong, and events seem to offer a chance for them, duty must still be served. I liked this treatment of Elaan, who comes over as strong and believable.

PAID IN FULL is reprinted from Adult Situations 2. Set after WOK, it explains why Spock chose McCoy to host his katra. In a previous incarnation, McCoy as Eumenes was responsible for the death of Spock/Hephaestion out of jealousy over his relationship with Kirk/Alexander. A debt is owed, and must be paid. Ingeniously planned, and neatly links the two situations.

SIX WEEKS and SEVEN YEARS LATER are two linked stories. In the first. Kirk and Spock, expecting 6 weeks alone together on a survey, find themselves caring for two small babies, one Vulcan, one Human, without any suitable supplies or provisions. This is a charming story, which despite my best (or worst) intentions I found myself enjoying - I can't help but think they would find it rather more stressfull than shown, though. The second story has Kirk and Spock encountering their foster children seven years later, and becoming part of their lives, concluding with the two boys bonding with Vulcan women. The K/S relationship is part of the background, but is not stressed. The stories will appeal to anyone who likes the idea of Kirk and Spock having children, and presents a believable way for them to become involved in paternal relationships.

Overall, the zine has minimal K/S - the most explicit sex is between Kirk and Elaan. It should suit those who don't mind the relationship being part of the background. There is a delightful portrait of Kirk and Spock from Star Trek V by Lori Lee. [2]


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