Paid in Full

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Paid in Full
Author(s): Jatona P. Walker
Date(s): 1990
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Paid in Full is a Kirk/Spock story by Jatona P. Walker.

It was published in the print zine Between Friends and in Adult Situations #2.


"Before Spockʼs katra is returned to his body, McCoy is shone scenes from a previous life they shared with Kirk and learns why he was chosen to carry Spockʼs katra and what he must do in order to atone for past actions."

Reactions and Reviews

Set after WOK, it explains why Spock chose McCoy to host his katra. In a previous incarnation, McCoy as Eumenes was responsible for the death of Spock/Hephaestion out of jealousy over his relationship with Kirk/Alexander. A debt is owed, and must be paid. Ingeniously planned, and neatly links the two situations. [1]


  1. from IDIC #9