Fandom 1994-2000-ish

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Title: Fandom 1994-2000-ish
Creator: Arduinna
Date(s): 31 March 2012
Medium: online, meta
Fandom: Media Fandom
External Links: Fandom 1994-2000-ish, part 1 (Dreamwidth)
Fandom 1994-2000-ish, part 2 (DW)
Fandom 1994-2000-ish, part 3 (DW)
2012-03-31 archive page (DW)
WebCite: part 1, part 2, part 3, archive page
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Fandom 1994-2000-ish is an essay in three parts by Arduinna. It was written for month_of_meta and describes mailing-list-based Western media fandom during the period from about 1994 to 2000. It is reposted on Fanlore with permission.

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  • Fandom 1994-2000-ish/Part One
    • The Medium Defined the Message
    • Signal-to-Noise: Bandwidth and Storage
    • Size Limits: Text, Images, Video, Music
    • Things were Pricy
  • Fandom 1994-2000-ish/Part Two
    • Finding Fandom
    • Online Services Companies
    • Links Pages
    • Webrings
    • Fanlistings
    • Where the Fans were Talking
    • Newsgroups
    • Mailing Lists
    • Message Boards
    • IRC and Other Forms of Chat
    • Personal Websites and Archives for Essays and Reviews
    • Where the Fans were Reading Fanfic
    • Archives
    • Personal webpages
    • Newsletters
    • Monofannish or Multifannish
    • Spreading the Cross-Fandom Word
  • Fandom 1994-2000-ish/Part Three
    • Time to Talk About Actual Mailing Lists!
    • Gen v Het v Slash
    • Public and Private Lists
    • What Did People Talk About, Anyway?
    • RPF
    • Spoilers
    • Posting Fanfic
    • TPTB on the Lists
    • Getting/Trading Source
    • Getting to Know People on Lists