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Journal Community
Name: Meta Month of March, month_of_meta
Date(s): planning begun Jan 2012, first fest March 2012 - 2013
Moderator: Sholio and Trobadora
Founder: Sholio and Trobadora
Type: Meta fest
Fandom: Multifandom
URL: Dreamwidth; Livejournal

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The Meta Month of March is a month long meta festival held on Dreamwidth and Livejournal. The first fest was held in March 2012. It developed out of a discussion between the mods Sholio and Trobadora about the demise of metafandom and the lack of meta in general in the community[1].


  • Interest sought: January 2012[1], [2]
  • Prompts and brainstorming: Early February 2012[3]
  • Sign ups: 15 February 2012.
  • Fest: Throughout March 2012.


A total of 58 pieces of meta, by ~30 authors, were written for the fest.

{some was fandom-specific eg {fandoms}, some was general meta on topics ranging from {topics}}.

Example Meta Posts


  1. ^ Sholio on the poll post: "trobadora and I were talking at her journal just recently about the demise of Metafandom and the general lack of meta-type conversations lately - and this spawned, as such things do, the idea of putting together a month-long meta fest in March", 12 January 2012 (accessed 14 February 2012).