March Meta Matters Challenge

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Journal Community
Name: March Meta Matters Challenge
Date(s): 1 March 2020 -present
Moderator: yourlibrarian
Founder: yourlibrarian
Type: Seasonal
Fandom: Multifandom
URL: MMM Challenge on Dreamwidth; on AO3;

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March Meta Matters Challenge is a month-long event that is headquartered on Dreamwidth and houses its collection on AO3. It is a seasonal community for archiving meta to mitigate its loss during moves and online platform closures.

Not to be confused with Meta Month of March, a challenge that ran in 2012-2013.


The MMM Challenge was founded by yourlibrarian and began in 2020. From its profile:

While creators have often used multiple sites to host their works, one type of work has generally been left out of fans' efforts at archiving and preserving fanworks -- meta. In many cases, meta posts have not been copied anywhere else other than the location where they were first posted, leaving them particularly vulnerable to loss.

So what if we can make a small dent in getting it saved? The March Meta Matters Challenge is focused on not just new meta, but making sure older meta gets a chance to be read and remain a part of fandom history. While new meta is also encouraged, the priority for Meta Matters is to make sure meta doesn't vanish with sites or personal accounts when those get closed or moved.

An annual challenge community running for the entire month of March with final activities the first week of April.

More information on posting can be found on its Introductory Post and FAQ.

Challenge History

In its initial season, 246 works were added to the AO3 collection from dozens of participants.