Magnificent Slash Haunts

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Title: Magnificent Slash Haunts
Publisher: Neon Rainbow Press
Date(s): 2011-
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: Magnificent Seven
Language: English
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Magnificent Slash Haunts is a Magnificent Seven anthology that is full of ghosts, the errie, the spooky, and the creepy.

All of these stories have appeared, or are currently available, on-line.

Issue 1

Magnificent Slash Haunts 1 was published in 2011 and contains 162 pages.

  • Dark Night (by Sierra Chaves) Old West (C/V). Vin becomes the victim of a deranged miner and his ghostly companion. Warning: rape fic. (42) (also in Seven Card Stud and One in Ten)
  • Dark Revenge (by Kaed) ATF Denver (C/V). When a criminal with a grudge against Chris and Vin dies, his ghost seeks a haunting revenge. Warning: rape fic. (34)
  • Hearts and Heads (by The Neon Gang) The Strays AU (C/V, J/E). The Seven are hunters in a Supernatural AU. The Seven go after a monster who has killed four people, but in the process Vin's past is revealed, and he must undertake the fight of his life to make it back to the man he loves. (75)

Issue 2

Magnificent Slash Haunts 2 was published in August 2015 and contains 144 pages.

  • The Host (by Tarlan) Old West (C/V). Chris and Vin take shelter in the wrong place. (6)
  • A Wanted Love (by Michelle Fortado & Lorin Zane) Old West (C/V). When Vin is injured he has an out of body experience. (37)
  • Loving in Another Man's Soul (by Patricia Grace & Lorin Zane) Old West (C/V). When Chis is injured it takes an unusual treatment to save his life. (42)
  • Magnificent Darkness (by Kaed) Old West (C/V). Chris discovers a dark secret about his wife and son. (11)
  • A Rare Gift (by Sierra Chaves & Lorin Zane) ATF Denver (C/V). Chris is mad at Vin. Vin gets hurt. A loving spirit interveens. (38)