Delicious Agony, Vulgar Ecstasy

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Title: Delicious Agony, Vulgar Ecstasy
Publisher: Twisted Macha Press, agented by Neon Rainbow Press
Editor(s): Jody Norman & Cinda Gillilan
Date(s): 1994
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Delicious Agony, Vulgar Ecstasy is a 130-page slash multifandom anthology.


This is a slash and adult zine with an emphasis on hurt/comfort, rape and S/M. These stories range from mild h/c (R-Rated), to graphically violent, utterly humiliating S/M (XXX-Rated). There are graphic descriptions of sex and rape. The editor has divided the zine into three sections. Stories in each section get progressively more graphic and violent. (Each section is also divided with colored paper). The first section (lavender) includes stories that deal with the issue of rape in different ways. Each of the stories includes a character who is/was raped, although it is not necessarily one of the major characters. The violet (second) section is a tongue ‘n cheek commentary on these genres. The third section (deep purple) is graphically violent and sexually explicit. The last two stories are S/M stories set in an alternative universe where society is basically split between masters and slaves. These are not for the timid. [1]}}


Section One:

  • A Quiet Sunday Morning (by Elle Cica) Houston Knights. Lundy and LaFiamma stop a potential suicide, but the situation dredges up some bad memories for Joe. (19 pages)
  • And Miles to Go Before I Sleep (by J.P. Cads) War of the Worlds. When Ironhorse's old friend is hurt he's forced to choose between his present mission and a man who once saved his life – a decision that's no decision at all. (30 pages)
  • Ties That Bind (by Bonny Wickes) War of the Worlds. Ironhorse is feeling a little out of control, and Suzanne wants someone else to take control. It's a match made in heaven. (16 pages)
  • A Matter of Strength (by Mary L. Millard) The Man From UNCLE. Illya has been rescued from THRUSH, but will he survive? Napoleon believes he will, and he should know, he's been there and done that. (11 pages)

Section Two:

  • Trilogy of Tragedy (by H. Ann Walton) The Professionals CI5 loses one agent and it creates a domino effect. (4 pages)
  • Harry and Paul's Excellent Adventure (by Ruby) War of the Worlds. Ironhorse might be in command in the field, but not everywhere. (3 pages)

Section Three:

  • Soldier Boy (by Annie B.) War of the Worlds. Ironhorse ends up in the middle of a terrorist plot. (18 pages)
  • Doyle's Training (M.E. Hand) The Professionals. Doyle is initiated into a world he never knew about. (11 pages)
  • The Trip (by M.E. Hand) The Professionals. A sequel to "Doyle's Training." Doyle is returned to his regular life and gets a few surprises. (13 pages)


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