Blind Run

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Title: Blind Run
Publisher: Clueless Press
Editor(s): Daria Littlejohn
Date(s): 1993-1996
Medium: print
Genre: slash and gen
Fandom: The Professionals
Language: English
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Blind Run is a slash and gen Professionals anthology. The gen stories are in issues one and four.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Blind Run 1 was published in 1993 and contains 166 pages. Artwork Anja Gruber

  • Without a Cluedo by Gena Fisher 1
  • Mind Games by Londa Pfeffer 12
  • Dark Ages Past by Liane Beck 57
  • When We Grow Up by Daria Littlejohn 85
  • Full Hearts by Vicki Martin 98
  • Toss of a Coin by R. O. Sunshine 116
  • Assorted Lunacy by Asylum Inmates 160
  • Waiting Game by Skye (Eroica crossover, has a sequel in Professional Mayhem 169
  • Kisses for My Mummy by Gena Fisher 214
  • Alone by Daria Littlejohn 223

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Two of Gena Fisher's stories, "Without a Cluedo" and "Kisses For My Mummy", are crossovers with the Brit TV game-show series Cluedo (aka Clue), in which LC played the role of Colonel Mustard in the third series. In "Without a Cluedo", the Lads investigate the Clue mansion.

"Mind Games" by Londa Pfeffer is a hurt/comfort fest in which someone from Bodie's past threatens to kill Doyle, leading to concussions all round on the way to resolution.

In "Dark Ages Past" by Liane Beck, Doyle accompanies his lover Bodie to his twin sister's funeral, only to discover the Bodie family are all psychotic or paranoid schizophrenics. In the end, the mother dies, everything burns, and the Lads re-pledge their love to each other.

Daria Littlejohn's GEN "When We Grow Up" is a friendship/domestic story featuring football, two little girls who live next door, and housecleaning.

In "Full Hearts" by Vicki Martin, Bodie happens upon evidence about Doyle/Murphy and becomes jealous; Murphy tells him that Doyle wants him instead. The Lads are reunited after Bodie takes a bullet meant for Murphy.

"Toss of a Coin" by Ray O. Sunshine is a GEN story in which Doyle is captured, drugged, tortured, and threatened with rape before Bodie finds him.

"Professional Observer" by Tipsy shows us Bodie and Doyle through the eyes of aliens.

"Waiting Games" by Skye is a CI5-based case story about stolen art.

In Daria Littlejohn's "Alone", Bodie promises he'll commit suicide after Doyle dies.[1]

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Blind Run 2 was published in 1994 and contains 155 pages. Artwork by Daria Littlejohn, Cat and Anja Gruber.

  • A Pal Indeed, by Daria Littlejohn 1
  • Eating Habits by Mirenna 4
  • Angel Face by Airella 6
  • Tickle Your Itch by Anonymous 10
  • The Doyle Family by Gena Fisher 13
  • Sometimes I Forget Completely by Anonymous 20
  • In Memoriam by Anonymous 21
  • Unsorted Lunacy by Anonymous 22
  • Always There by Daria Littlejohn 30
  • Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Skye 39
  • Questions N' Answer Time by Anonymous 84
  • If Tomorrow Never Comes by Daria Littlejohn 86
  • Old Bones by Gena Fisher 114
  • The Attack of the Killer Swiss Roll by Daria Littlejohn 134
  • Babycakes by Raymond Doyle 142
  • Discovered in a Graveyard by Anonymous 148
  • The Bottom of the Matter by Airella 151
  • Cowley Quotes by George Cowley 154

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

Blind Run 3 was published in 1995 and contains 167 pages.

  • The Last Time by Gena Fisher 1
  • Words From Two Voices by Alfred Lord Tennyson 3
  • CI5 CPR by Daria Littlejohn 4
  • No Option by PJ 9
  • Art Appreciation by Mirenna 67
  • CI5: People and Places by Anonymous 74
  • Along the Road by Gena Fisher 79
  • Sorting Through the Files by Daria Littlejohn 98
  • Our Mob by Anonymous 111
  • Sex by Daria Littlejohn 113
  • Why's Ray a Cat? by Gena Fisher 116
  • It From the Pit by Gena Fisher 117
  • Seeing is Believing by Daria Littlejohn 118
  • Mates by Anonymous 160
  • A Hero by George Cowley 166
  • A Last Minute Addition by Raymond Doyle 167

Issue 4

cover of issue #4

Blind Run 4 was published in 1996 and contains 153 pages.

  • It Depends on Your Partner by Daria Littlejohn 1
  • Getting a Rise Out of the Old Man by Esme Cowley 9
  • CI5: Guns, Bombs, Etc. by Anonymus 24
  • If You Never Have Storms by Anonymus 28
  • Dear Ray by Daria Littlejohn 29
  • Friendship by Mary B. Conn 39
  • Silent as the Grave by Gena Fisher 40
  • Resolution or Revelation? by Daria Littlejohn 66
  • Conversation Concerning a Mad Cow by Anonymus 85
  • Udder Nonsense by Anonymus 86
  • Quotable Quotes by Various 87
  • Inspiration by Ray Doyle 88
  • Showdown by H. Ann Walton 90
  • Trapped in the Underground by Daria Littlejohn 97
  • It Doesn't Matter... by Anonymus 124
  • And What Would You Give Me for Love? by Gena Fisher 125
  • Dear Bodie by Daria Littlejohn 137
  • Love by Ann O. Nymous 144
  • CI5, A Rainbow of Colour by R. O. Sunshine 145
  • You Don't Have to be Rich by Anonymus 147
  • Massacre at Gollie Flats by Gena Fisher 148
  • Reflections Over a Dream by Mirenna 152
  • A Friend by I.N. Deed 153


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