Downloading Aliens

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Title: Downloading Aliens
Publisher: FeatherPaw Inc.
Queen's Press
Neon Rainbow Press
Editor(s): H. Ann Walton
Date(s): 1991-?
Medium: print
Fandom: War of the Worlds
Language: English
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Downloading Aliens is a gen War of the Worlds anthology.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, H. Ann Walton
submission request in The Blackwood Project #11, "no slash or X-rated stories. Romantic liaisons okay as long as they're in good taste," the first issue was to be available at RevelCon

Downloading Aliens 1 was published in 1991 and contains 74 pages.

  • What Goes Around, Comes Around (by Ruth Schubert and Ann Johnson) Some wintertime fun for the members of the Blackwood Project. (4)
  • Elements (by Vicki L. Martin) The aliens run Norton and Ironhorse off the road and Norton has to go for help. (13)
  • Count Ironhorse (by H. Ann Walton) An unusual dream for the colonel. (2)
  • To Pledge Allegiance (by Denise Stoltenberg) Glimpses into Ironhorse's life. (11)
  • Thy Soul Shall Find Itself Alone (by Ann Johnson) Ironhorse and Blackwood stop to help a couple broken down along the road and get more than they bargained for. (6)
  • Greater Love Hath No Man (by H. Ann Walton) Ironhorse makes a trip to the Wall. (5)
  • A Totally Pointless Vignette (by Ann Johnson) The title says it all. (2)
  • A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words (by Gena Fisher and S.P.G) Ironhorse tells Debi a story. (6)
  • Plus poetry by Gillian Holt. A story starter by H. Ann Walton. Art by H. Ann Walton.

Issue 2

Downloading Aliens 2 contains 72 pages.

  • The WoW Background: A Synopsis for the Uninitiated (by Ann Johnson) A non-fiction aid for fans. (2)
  • Hero on the Half-Shell (by Donna Broster and Sheila DC) Ironhorse is exposed to an Army psychological warfare chemical. (7)
  • How Shall We Distinguish the Shadows of Dream From the Darkness of the Tomb? (by Ruth Schubert, Gena Fisher, and Sheila DC) Ironhorse is kidnapped by aliens and the Project gets him back, but can he come to grips with the truth? (25)
  • Aftermath (by Linda Watson) The war is over and Harrison makes a visit to see Ironhorse. (4)
  • Alone with the Ironhorse (by Ruth Schubert and Ann Johnson) Harrison and Paul make an unusual drive. (3)
  • The Power of the Word (by Gillian Holt) The colonel discovers he's suddenly acquired an unusual talent. (6) (reprinted in Black Ops #4 and Green Floating Weirdness #20)
  • Sealed With a Kiss (by Sheila DC) The mail triggers a violent reaction in Blackwood. (6)
  • The Deer Understands the Wolf (by Debra Hicks and H. Ann Walton) The results of the story challenge in the first issue. Suzanne needs some help in the lab. (12)
  • Plus poetry by Gillian Holt. Art work by Barbara J. Caldwell, Constance Edwards, and H. Ann Walton.

Issue 3

Downloading Aliens 3 contains 129 pages.

  • The Valley of Unrest (by Ann Johnson) A moment of soul searching at the Cottage. (2)
  • Interlude: Search and Destroy (by Cheshire de la Croix) Harrison's got a new toy and Ironhorse might just kill him. (2)
  • Traffic School (by Gillian Holt) Ironhorse gets a ticket and ends up at traffic school. (4) (reprinted in Black Ops #5 and Green Floating Weirdness #20)
  • Three of a Kind (by Jo Seaver) The second season is just a dream. (1)
  • Sometimes Heaven Helps the Wicked (by N.S.) The Blackwood Project encounter Asmodeus Mogart, a demon. (6)
  • Between Survival and the Right Thing to Do (by Cheryl Benson) The colonel gives the Project members a practical gift. (1)
  • Night Screams (by Linda Watson) After an explosion Ironhorse has some bad dreams. (16)
  • Future Shock (by Cheshire de la Croix) A second season "fix." (21)
  • Genesis of Terror (by Denise Stoltenberg) A trip into the childhoods of Harrison and Ironhorse. (7)
  • Reflections in the Dawn (by Tammy L. Croft) A moment of introspection. (1)
  • Though I Walk Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death (by Ann Johnson) A stop at a gas station turns deadly. (4)
  • Within the Mouth of the Dragon (by Alice Aldridge) The Blackwood Project go to China. (52)
  • Plus poetry by Tammy L. Croft, Bethany Daystar, Gillian Holt, and N.S. Art work by Barbara J. Caldwell, Anja Gruber, and H. Ann Walton.