98% Pure Murphy

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Title: 98% Pure Murphy
Publisher: Satyr D'Nite Press
Date(s): 1995
Series?: no
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: Professionals
Language: English
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98% Pure Murphy is a slash 144-page anthology with fiction by Atropos. Artwork by H. Ann Walton.


From Media Monitor: "A Professionals fanzine featuring Agent 6.2... An exploration of the evolving relationship between Gavin and Murphy."

From Agent With Style: "In the intriguing tales in this zine, Atropos explores the backstory, needs and desires of this most mysterious of CI5 agents, who never tells anyone his first name!"

From Bill Hupe: "This pros "/" zine features agent 6.2 First there was Murphy's Law, now welcome back for a hot second helping of Murphy from Satyr D'Nite Press. A loving set of interconnected tales firmly planted in the CI5 universe. Doyle, Bodie and Cowley abound but the primary focus is always on Murphy. Illustrated."


  • At Least There's No Snow and Ice (1)
  • A Truly Brave Man (13)
  • Family Matters (16)
  • Everybody Laughed But You (29)
  • Loitering with a Vacant Eye (5)
  • Family Values (55)
  • Before the East is Grey (76)
  • Yearly Assessment (81)
  • Green Willow (114)