Kalin Kollected

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Title: Kalin Kollected
Editor(s): Sue Frank
Date(s): winter 1993
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Kalin Kollected is a gen Star Trek: TOS Klingon-centric anthology of new fiction and fiction by Linda Slusher that had appeared in other zines, one of them Masiform D. This zine is GBC-bound.

Kalin Kollected was published in Winter 1993 and contains 155 pages. It is referred to as "v.1" in ads, but this was the only issue.

This zine was edited by Sue Frank, and art is by Bonnie Reitz, Gennie Summers, Linda Slusher, Melody Rondeau, Jim McNair-Brown, and Anne Batterby.

front cover, Bonnie Reitz
back cover by Gennie Summers


From an ad in The Monthly:
Cover by Bonnie Reitz, other art by Linda Slusher, Gennie Summers, Jim McNair-Brown, Melody Rondeau and Ann Batterby. This volume has nine stories and a partial comic-book version of one of them along with an introduction by moi. Enjoy the adventures of Kalin den Teke, a scientist and nobleman who has been drafted into Imperial military service. He's a Classic Klingon, a handsome, smooth-headed fellow who operates with charm, wit, good manners and genuine Klingon ferocity when that's called for. The stories all appeared in other zines. Most are drawn from past issues of THE CLIPPER TRADE SHIP and all with the author's gracious permission. Small color frontispiece by the author -- Kalin dancing with a mystery admirer.


  • Kalin Sources (1)
  • Editor's Introduction, art by Gennie Summers (3)
  • Kalin den Teke-Character Profile, art by Gennie Summers (9)
  • Home Leave, art by Anne Batterby (13) (also in Our Favorite Things #1)
  • Rare Mistakes by Linda Slusher, art by Melody Rondeau (also in Beyond Antares #9)
  • Thoughts on a Spring Night, art by Bonnie Reitz (25) (also in TREKisM at Length #3)
  • The Nastiest Things, art by Gennie Summers (27) (also in Zottly's Zine)
  • Psychobabble (33)
  • Lily of the Kaia, art by Melody Rondeau (64)
  • The Life of a Warrior is Short, art by Gennie Summers and Linda Slusher (84) (also in The Clipper Trade Ship #63)
  • The New Improved ShaLaZu 2000, art by Jim McNair-Brown and Melody Rondeau (115)
  • front cover by Bonnie Reitz, with lettering by Betty Bigelow, back cover by Gennie Summers, inside back cover by Linda Slusher