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You may be looking for Scenario, a Greatest American Hero letterzine.

Title: Scenario
Publisher: Orion Majoris Publications
Editor(s): Scott Clark
Date(s): 1984-1986
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia & Greatest American Hero
Language: English
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Scenario is a gen zine. It lasted for two issues, and a third was planned but never published (the content of which is described below).

About the Zine's Beginnings

Admittedly, my first 1-1/2 years of fanzine publishing saw me; dangerously close to overextending myself—attempting to put out three regular letterzines and a fiction zine (Scenario), as well as occasional special projects. After trimming my output to just The Cannell Files and Scenario, I think that the proverbial 'bloody nose' I got from trying to do too much taught me a valuable order to produce a fanzine (especially a letterzine) that people will want to read on a regular basis, an editor needs to concentrate more of their time to emphasizing quality as opposed to quantity. My attitude towards my series of Scenario zines will remain one of frugality (i.e. my intent is to provide as much material in as few pages as possible—cutting back on any unnecessary costs and leaving a frill-less zine), but I intend to continue experimenting with ways to improve the look and readability of The Cannell Files. I thank those of you who've stuck with the zine through the cancellation of several of Cannell's shows, and I hope that those of you interested in the current and future offerings from that studio will look on TCF as your continuing forum for discussing such shows. [1]

Scenario 1

cover of Scenario 1, from an ad in Pop Stand Express #10, "The zine with the cover that boggles everyone's mind! The zine they said couldn't be done! (or was that shouldn't?) The zine proud to contain a picture of a stuffed toy!"

Issue 1 is 86 pages long and was published in August 1985.

The Return of Scenario

cover of issue #2

Issue 2 was published in 1986. It is subtitled, "Return of Scenario."

Issue 3

Scenario 3 (planned but never published)

  • "Moment Of Truth" (Scarecrow and Mrs. King) by Karen B. Valentine. Lee Stetson has disappeared into a Central American hell-hole, and only Amanda and Francine can find and rescue him...if they can survive working together that long! Serious tone, but light-hearted dialogue.
  • "A Private Joke" (Scarecrow and Mrs. King) by Scott Clark. Francine is the reluctant leader of Amanda's squad in a survival exercise deep in the Appalachians. Bad enough...until an arms dealer Francine nailed 7 years earlier starts tracking the unarmed Agency rookies...and the storm breaks...and Francine falls down the cliffside and breaks her leg. A story of coming to terms with each other.
  • "Daemonium Ex Machina" (Greatest American Hero) by Scott Clark. When the mechanically-enhanced enforcer for a mysterious consortium attacks and nearly kills Pam, Bill has to convince Ralph not to use the suit to exact a personal and fatal vengeance. Meanwhile, Ralph has to deal with his former student Rhonda and his own son Kevin's having discovered his "secret identity" and the repercussions of the attack on Pam. A very serious tale, originally intended for Reckless Emotion #1. Elements of this story cross over with the events to be portrayed in The Internecine Conflict (a planned series of connected stories, in the style of The Karenina Continuity Chronicles), and this story was expected to be reprinted in that zine - which was also never published.
  • "Ghost Ship" (Greatest American Hero) by Scott Clark. Supernatural horror strikes at Ralph and Bill as they secretly attempt to help the Coast Guard investigate the sudden and mysterious appearance of an ancient sailing vessel off the Southern California coast.


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