Heroes' Plight

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Title: Heroes' Plight
Publisher: J.T. Press
Editor(s): Theresa Evans
Date(s): 1994-1998
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Heroes' Plight is a gen multimedia anthology of fiction written by Theresa Evans.

It has two sister zines, Heroes' Plight Goes to War and Heroes' Plight Goes West.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Heroes Plight 1 was published in September 1994 and contains 130 pages. There were 50 copies in the first printing.

  • Reciprocation (Star Trek: TNG) (1)
  • Remember Me (After rescuing a dazed Hitch from the desert, Dietrich concocts a cunning plan to take advantage of the young man's temporary amnesia.) (Rat Patrol) (35)
  • Fishing Trip (Kung Fu: The Legend Continues) (46)
  • Comrades (The A-Team) (Vietnam - era story, Face is wounded.) (64)
  • Waiting Time (SeaQuest DSV) (73)
  • Best Laid Plans (Garrison's Gorillas) (82)
  • La Squeak (Star Trek: TOS) (97)
  • The Hunter's Pact (War of the Worlds) (104)

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Heroes Plight 2 (122 pgs) published in 1995.

Issue 3

Heroes Plight 3 was published in March 1996 and contains 109 pages.

  • Forget Me Not by Theresa Evans (Ray suffers from amnesia.) (Due South) (1)
  • Bridger's Birthday Present by Theresa Evans (SeaQuest-DSV) (20)
  • The Double Cross by Theresa Evans (The A-Team) (60)
  • To Reach Out and Touch by Theresa Evans (Quantum Leap) (73)
  • The Next Best Thing Raid by Anne Collins Smith (Rat Patrol) (The S.S. officer shot by Dietrich in the episode "The Decoy Raid" was under an internal investigation when he died, and the investigator wants to talk to Dietrich.) (reprinted in Desert Dispatches) (93)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

Slash anthology multi media with a Due South story (Forget me not - no author name). Poorly received. The one Due South story contained was not actually slash. Not recommended. Also has other shows, but I do not have a copy of this zine to report. [1] [2]

Issue 4

Heroes Plight 4 was published in December 1996 and and contains 116 pages.

a flyer for issue #4
  • The Death Before Capture Raid (Rat Patrol). A gen story by Anne Collins Smith. (Troy and Moffitt are given information whose secrecy is so vital that they must not be captured alive) (reprinted in Desert Dispatches)
  • Such a Special Man by Theresa Evans (Due South) ("Detective Ray Vecchio knew that he was in trouble: the blood from the wound in his leg was the blood from the wound in his leg was showing no sign of letting up and he was starting to feel dizzy. "Ray... Ray7" came the distant, insistent tone of Benton Fraser. "What...?" Ray asked, his tone that of a belligerent child, although his voice was slightly slurred... a fact that was not lost on the Canadian. "We've got to stop the bleeding." Benton said as he continued his frantic efforts to loosen the bonds that held him. He was growing desperately concerned over his friend's pallor and the sweeping lassitude that he could see seeping in to replace the lost blood.")
  • Honesty's the Best Policy ("Admiral Albert Calavicci staggered from the imaging chamber and slumped to the ground, totally exhausted. He felt the others cluster about him distantly hearing Beeks calling his name as he fought against the losing battle to stay conscious.")
  • Priceless (Garrison's Gorillas)
  • Heart Wrencher (Kung Fu: TLC}

Issue 5

Heroes Plight 5 was published in June 1997 and contains 119 pages.

cover of issue #5
  • Suffering Heroes (Hercules The Legend Continues) (1)
  • Once More (Professionals) (20)
  • She Isn’t Worth It by Theresa Evans (Due South) (34)
  • The Friendship and Concerns (Garrison’s Gorillas) (63)
  • Son of a God (poem) (Hercules The Legend Continues) (98)
  • For the Cause (X-Files) (99)
  • I Promise (War of the Worlds) (101)

Issue 6

cover of issue #6

Heroes Plight 6 was published in 1998 and contains 128 pages. All stories written by Theresa Evans.

  • Chosen Dreams (Stargate SG-1)
  • That's an Incentive by Theresa Evans (Due South)
  • Raw Reality (Sentinel)
  • Missing Friends (Garrison's Gorillas)
  • The Sword (Hercules the Legendary Journeys)


  1. ^ That this fan had comments on the story, but did not have access to the rest of this zine probably means another fan copied the due South story for them, something fans who bought multi-media zines often did for other fans to "save" them from having to buy a zine with other content that did not interest them.
  2. ^ a fan on Virgule-L, quoted anonymously (July 19, 1996)