Heroes' Plight Goes to War

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Title: Heroes' Plight Goes to War
Publisher: J.T. Press
Date(s): May 1996
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Heroes' Plight Goes to War is a gen H/C anthology of fiction in "war" fandoms by Theresa Evans. It has two sister zines, Heroes' Plight and Heroes' Plight Goes West.


  • A Private Matter by Theresa Evans. Hitch's brief encounter with Arab slave traders causes unexpected repercussions. Sequel to "The Price to Pay" in Heroes' Plight #2. (The Rat Patrol) (1)
  • Spy Trap (Twelve O'Clock High) (10)
  • Hostages (Garrison's Gorillas) (48)
  • Wingman (Black Sheep Squadron) ("TJ," Gutterman's voice ripped across the radio waves. "TJ Wiley, pull the damned thing up... pull it up." The panic in the man's voice told Pappy that Jim's concern for his wingman was very real." Sparing a quick glance at the troubled flier, he noticed with a sinking feeling that TJ was indeed in a no-win situation. The plane was spinning down towards the empty island that they were fighting over and, if the boy didn't pull out of the dive pretty soon, then he wouldn't have to worry about a rough landing.") (58)
  • Friends (The Dirty Dozen) ("Schwarz nodded solemnly as if Lebec had given the expected reply and, moving over, he slowly bent to unlock the cabinet, still keeping part of his attention upon his prisoner. Lebec was unable to suppress the shudder of fear that coursed down his already sweat-slicked body, and he felt a flash of annoyance when he realised that Schwarz had seen the shudder and was relishing its implications. Clenching his teeth and steeling his body, Lebec was determined not to let the German get any more pleasure from his act of torture.") (75)
  • The Happy Families Raid by guest author Ursula Clarke. The Rat Patrol is sent in to rescue Garrison after he is captured during an unauthorized mission. Sequel to "The Jade Raid" in Heroes' Plight #2. (The Rat Patrol/Garrison's Gorillas) (85)