Deadly Maneuvers

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Title: Deadly Maneuvers
Publisher: Sockii Press
Editor(s): Sockii
Date(s): 1997-98
Medium: print, shareware
Genre: gen
Fandom: The A-Team
Language: English
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Deadly Maneuvers is a gen A-Team 124-page anthology that features stories of a "serious" or more "adult" tone than the fun & action style of Plans, Scams and Vans. The art is by Sockii.


From the website: "This 'zine is also available electronically for a shareware fee. You may download and copy the electronic version, but please remember that we are asking for a shareware fee of $2 for each copy. This shareware fee helps us with production costs for the print version, necessary correspondance to authors and contributor's copies, and also helps pull us out of the red on publications where difficulties have made the publication expenditures higher than anticipated. We make the electonic version available to encourage and help people on limited budgets afford to read and enjoy fanzines, and give people who generally only read net-fic a chance to find edited, high- quality, illustrated work."

Issue 1

Deadly Maneuvers 1 was published in July 1997 and contains 130 pages.

front cover of issue #1
  • Genesis by Brian Bedard. A story of how the Team could have met... Originally appeared in On the Jazz. (3)
  • Outside the Lines by Mary Sauers. With Hannibal Smith in command, the members of his Team never know what to expect - or how dangerous a situation could turn out to be... (12)
  • Night Dreams by Amanda Bogardus. Amy is unsettled after the events in Children of Jamestown. A late night conversation with Face may reveal more than she expected about the lieutenant, and how the guys deal with their predicament... (24)
  • Bad Rock Valentine by D. Ferrara. An epilogue to "Black Day at Bad Rock" for Hannibal and Maggie. (28)
  • Face to Face by D. Ferrara. A collection of "letters" from Face to a mysterious woman who has caught his attention... "I know my shabby tricks and glib patter will not bring you to me, but they're all I know. One day, I might be strong enough to let you know the real me. For now, I must retain my facade for fear that the truth will only cost me what little time I have with you." (33)
  • Identity Crisis by D. Ferrara. While recuperating from a gun shot wound with some friends of the Team, B.A. finds that trouble may be brewing for the town in the form of a white supremacy group. (38)
  • Notes from Someplace Else by D. Ferrara. Murdock's in trouble after plans to infiltrate the Sons of Loyalty go haywire. Cut off from the Team, he doesn't want to risk the life of the doctor who saved him. But she may not give him much choice in the matter... A 1998 FanQ Honorable Mention. (45)
  • It's Not Always Easy Being the A-Team by Jasmine. Face can't quite place the uneasy feeling he has, taking a mission for a military officer with a missing daughter, until it is much too late. Contains rape. (67)
  • One False Move by Amanda Bogardus. Everything had seemed so simple in the beginning. Typical case - some family in Florida had lost their son to drugs but the local authorities wouldn't go after the men responsible because they were too scared. (87)
  • The Sound of Thunder, Pt. 2 by Robin L. Ryder. If you thought The Sound of Thunder had enough plot holes to drive B.A.'s van through, then you'll want to read Robin's wonderful expansion of the action between the last act and the tag scene & credits. (100)
  • ...And Justice for All by Amanda Bogardus. The view from the sidelines during the Trial episodes of the 5th season. Originally appeared in On the Jazz (114)
  • To Honorable Enemies by Irene Snyder Schwarting. Decker muses on his years chasing the Team after their "execution". (116)
  • All Good Things Must Come to an End by Mary Sauers. A sad story, but with a twist at the end. (120)
  • The Editors Famous Last Words by The Editor (122)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

  • Overall:10
  • Fiction:9.87
  • Artwork:9.625
  • Layout/editing:10

Favorite: (1) Notes From Someplace else and The Sound of Thunder II because Sad to feel his pain, sad to feel their pain (2) Sound of Thunder II and Notes from Someplace Else because Sound of Thunder was totally 'unfinished' on the TV version!! (3) One False Move because It was great to see Amy with a 'starring' role for a change (4) Sound of Thunder Part 2 because I love the way they all worry about Murdock.

Least Favorite: (1) tried, but couldn't pick a least favorite because The stories are all so Good! (2) Honorable Enemies because Just didn't like it. (3) Genesis because I don't think it was developed as fully as it could have been. (4) It's Not Always Easy Being the A-Team because I think that that any of them not just Face could have been raped.

Other comments: (1) THE ARTWORK!!! The four sketches of the guys - WOW!! These are sketches- right? Beautiful, each and everyone. Hannibal looked a little young, but nothing wrong with that. BA, oh my, if Mr. T saw it, he'd probably want to snatch it right up. Sockii,if you really did these four sketches, it's just not fair. I can't even trace half that good. C O N G R A D U L A T I O N S  !!!!!!

(2) I am totally thrilled with almost every story in this zine! (3) Overall, I think this was one of the most consistent zines I've ever read. And I loved the artwork - the photos were terrific! And the cover was

beautiful! [1]

Issue 2

Deadly Maneuvers 2 was published in August 1998 and contains 120 pages. The publisher says it is a "strong R" but not erotica.

front cover of issue #2
  • Notes from the Editor's Desk by The Editor (2)
  • The Sockii Press Mailbag by Various (3)
  • Friendly Fire by Mimi. Face was in shock. What the hell is going on? His head was ringing from the beating and he couldn't figure out who was attacking him, or why for that matter. A second attacker grappled with his legs, before managing to straddle them. Oh, great! Face realized. There are two of them. He might be able to get away from the one on his back, but he couldn't even see the second man to size him up... (5)
  • Surfacing by Amanda (11)
  • Medal of Honor-The Beginning by Rita Ractliffe. He never said another word about it-not one. But when the Team tentatively asked him whether they were still going to escape, his answer was an emphatic yes-although his eyes were tortured as he said it. He'd seen what their punishment would be for the attempt. There were no more surprises, now. He knew what he faced if he failed. He would have no further fear of dying. He resigned himself to their credo that he was already walking dead. He did not expect the guys to go with him now, nor would he require it of them. But he was determined to leave. Face, Murdock and B.A. reaffirmed that they were with him, whatever the outcome. (12)
  • Memories by [anonymous]. Lieutenant Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith stood silent before the graves of his parents. He was pondering the fates that had led him to this point in his life. It was early April. He had just escaped from the maximum security prison at Fort Bragg. He was alone, save for two other men he had escaped with, and now on the run from the United States Army for a crime he was only guilty of by following the orders of his superior officer. He stood there in the early morning sunlight thinking back to the past, wondering what might have been if he had done things a little differently. (27)
  • Thirsty Boots by Jennifer. They were all grateful to Whispering Elk for her kindness and generosity. When the Army had taken a sudden interest in them again, and had re-doubled their efforts in trying to catch the Team, Whispering Elk had mysteriously offered them refuge once again. They had readily accepted the kind invitation and arrived the day before yesterday. He couldn't explain it, but there was something spiritual about her that seemed to calm the world for a moment. The roar of society seemed to dissipate in this place. (29)
  • Revenge isn't So Sweet by [anonymous]. Murdock looked the package over before he opened it. He hadn't ordered anything lately and had no idea what it could be. He noted that the postmark was from Orlando, FL and that it had been mailed two days earlier. Disneyworld? he thought. Murdock opened the package and took out the unmarked videotape inside. He turned it over and over, looking at it and wondering what it could be. He was almost afraid to put it in. He took the tape over to his VCR and slipped it in. He then sat down and pushed the play button on his remote. A few minutes later, with a horrified look on his face and wanting to throw up, he hit the stop button, got up and stumbled in shock over to his phone to call B.A. and Face. (31)
  • Burnout by Chris Hammell. Men. They could build all kinds of fantastic machinery, craft magnificent sculptures, and build mighty skyscrapers, but they knew almost nothing about relationships. How could they have spent so much time with Face without knowing his heart? (41)
  • Armistice by Donna R. Rodgers. Face staggered forward. He felt like he'd been hit with a sledgehammer. Struggling to regain his breath, he stumbled toward one of Decker's cars. Face tried to reach out with his cuffed hands to brace himself, but his left arm was numb and he couldn't pull it up quickly enough with his other hand. His legs gave out and he pitched forwards, fingertips barely grazing the car before his side slammed into the sidewalk. (63)
  • Deadly Revenge by Lynda Craney. The millionaire admitted to himself that the menace the mercenary exuded rather frightened him. Yet he had no real reason for being uneasy; he was, after all, just interviewing this man for a job. Buoyed by this thought, Westerland cleared his throat to break the silence, then said, "Reasons. Firstly because you and I have something in common. The A-Team has ruined our businesses and reputations. I propose we join forces to remedy that." He paused to see what effect his words were having on the other man. (72)
  • The Tower Card by Vicki Gill. His sleep was rudely interrupted at 3:47 a.m. The phone on his nightstand began to ring insistently. Struggling up from a deep sleep, Hannibal answered the phone. (94)
  • Closing Time by Melissa Beattie. "Is this how you think he was when you were wounded?" the colonel continued, shoving Murdock up against the back of the van. "Getting drunk and feeling sorry for himself?!" (100)
  • Hostage Fortune by Sarah Houghton. Depressed and frustrated, Murdock curled himself up into a little ball on the floor, his hands tight over his ears and his eyes squeezed shut, trying not to hear the loud argument going on between Hannibal and Stockwell in the next room. It wasn't as if he needed to hear it; he was pretty sure he could quote it line and verse back at them by now, as they'd had the same argument every few days for the past six months. (108)


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