Private Debriefing

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Title: Private Debriefing
Publisher: TAT Appreciation Society
Editor(s): Donna Foster
Date(s): August 1989
Medium: print
Fandom: A-Team
Language: English
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Private Debriefing is an adult het 82-page A-Team anthology edited by Donna Foster.


  • Sink or Swim by Bogey
  • Dangling Maneuvers by Bogey
  • Wishful Thinking by Bogey
  • The Eye of the Hurricane by Sheona Welsh
  • In the Pink by Porn
  • It Shouldn't Happen to a 'Vette by H. Drummock
  • A Whale of a Tale by Brian H. Longstaff
  • Hardtimes by A. Wildnight
  • plus others by Chani Lee, Sheridan Allen, Jan H, and I. April.

Reactions and Reviews

  • Overall:10
  • Fiction:10
  • Artwork:10
  • Layout/editing:10

Favorites: (1) the ones with murdock

Least Favorites: (1) it shouldnt happen to a vette because it was face [1]
At this point, I'd like to say that most of our male subscribers (and anyone with more prudish tastes as well!) may wish to stop reading, unless they're interested in hearing about the type of stuff lusty female A-Team fans can come up with in more twisted and sick moments... Oh, my...where to start on this one...while not a 'newbie' to some of the more racy fanfiction that's out there, this one still caught me completely off-guard. I have to say this is the most outrageous and hilarious collection of 'adult' fanfiction (A-Team or not) that I've come across to date. Not much in they way of 'boddice-ripping' romances here, or even steamy explicit encounters described (although there are a few). Instead, we get Face and Murdock comparing notes on bikini briefs, and other things... we get Face in a most embarrassing dilemma after over-exerting himself with a group of triplets - it falls off (BA, upon inspection: 'Looks pretty washed out to me, Sucker.') We get 'An Ode to BA's Big Toe' and numerous verses dedicated to a particular part of Murdock's anatomy. The 'zine comes complete with some rather interesting artwork and a free-gift I'm not even going to begin to discuss. Overall, the clear emphasis is on Murdock, Face coming in second and one long (about 20 pages) story on Hannibal. If you're looking for something *very* different and often side-splittingly funny, you really don't want to miss this one. Highly recommended - but proceed with caution!! [2]


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