The A-Team: We're on the Jazz Now

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Title: The A-Team: We're on the Jazz Now
Creator: Nicole P
Date(s): 1997
Medium: audio cassette tape
Fandom: The A-Team
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The A-Team: We're on the Jazz Now was a fan-mixed cassette tape of what she felt to be A-Team-related music compiled by Nicole P.



For a while I've wanted to put together an extended A-Team "soundtrack" tape, something I could pop in the walkman whenever I needed a good A-Team fix fast. So, here it is. I put this together from music and dialog snippets from episode tapes, the official soundtrack cd, cds when I had music that had been featured in the show, plus a few songs that just remind me of the Team for whatever reason. It's ~100 minutes long, so if you want a copy, I can dub it for you. It came out quite nicely (and yes, there several snippets of Dwight's singing, I remembered that thread from a while back...!)

Anyway, if you want a copy, just send me a blank (100 min) audio tape, and return postage and envelope. [full name and address of fan redacted] Postage should run about $1.00-1.25. [1]


Key: Taken off videotape (**) from official soundtrack (^)

The A-Team: We're on the Jazz Now - Side One

  • Walla Walla Bing Bang!**
  • Young Hannibal^
  • One Way or Another (Blondie)
  • Working on the Dishline**
  • Let's Get Busted^
  • I'm the Face (The Who)
  • Surfin' USA**
  • Surf City**
  • Bend in the River Rhumba**
  • I Love the Smell of...**
  • Revolution (The Beatles)
  • Trouble on Wheels**
  • Move Away (Culture Club)
  • It's a Local Dialect**
  • Banditos (The Replacements)
  • I've Got a Plan**
  • Not Fade Away**
  • Let it Go**
  • The Chairman of the Board**
  • Dare to be Stupid (Weird Al)
  • Superfreak (Rick James)**
  • The A-Team in NYC^

The A-Team: We're on the Jazz Now - Side Two

  • 5th Season Theme**
  • Dreamline (Rush)
  • The Tank**
  • See You Later, Aligator**
  • Dedicated Follower of Fashion**
  • Jackpot!**
  • Baby You're a Rich Man (The Beatles)
  • Into My Heart**
  • Karma Chameleon (Culture Club)
  • Pecos Bob Steele and the Three Blind Mice**
  • The A-Team Prepares for War^
  • Roxanne**
  • Demolition Man (The Police)
  • Calling Bigfoot**
  • I'm a Lumber Jack**
  • 1st Season Theme**
  • One More Time**
  • Eve of Destruction**
  • Opposites Attract**
  • Friend is a Friend (Pete Townsend)
  • Super-Extended End Theme**
  • The End...?**


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