Weird Al Yankovic

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Name: "Weird" Al Yankovic
Also Known As: Weird Al
Occupation: musician
Medium: music
Works: parody songs and music videos
Official Website(s):
Fan Website(s): Al-oholics Anonymous
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Weird Al writes songs and creates music videos that are often either about fannish subjects (such as "Yoda") or about life experiences that may be relevant to some fans (such as "White and Nerdy"[1] or "Don't Download This Song"[2]).

Newcomers to the world of Filk might be familiar with some of Weird Al's works and be able to relate that way.

Weird Al does not participate in the community of fan convention filk culture, so he is not considered a filker by all, despite the subjects of many of his songs. He also produces and distributes his music through major record labels, which is also uncommon for filk.

A major transformative work based off of Weird Al's "White and Nerdy" is Talitha78's vid of Psych: [1]

Fan Works




  1. ^ "White & Nerdy" parodies nerd culture and lifestyle, including the POV character excitedly obtaining a copy of the Star Wars Holiday Special. Viewable here on YouTube ( accessed 27 Nov 2011)
  2. ^ "Don't Download This Song" parodies the stance of the RIAA and certain artists on filesharing and downloading songs. Viewable here on YouTube ( accessed 27 Nov 2011)