A-Team Fanfiction Archives

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Name: A-Team Fanfiction Archives
Date(s): 1999? - present
Archivist: Pax, Sherry
Founder: Sabrina
Fandom: The A-Team
URL: http://www.ateamfanfic.org, Twitter Updates
Screenshot of the A-Team Fanfiction Archives homepage.
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The A-Team Fanfiction Archives is, as its name would suggest, an archive for hosting A-Team fanfiction. It is run by Pax and Sherry, though it is unclear who started the site and when. It is closely linked to the Virtual Asylum mailing list, though submissions (following the rules of submission outlined on the archive) are welcomed. All stories must involve the A-Team, either from the original TV series or the movie (though movie fic must be declared as such) Crossovers are welcome, but RPF is not.