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Name: A-Team Fanfiction Archives
Date(s): 1999? - 2001[1]
Archivist: Pax, Sherry
Founder: Sabrina
Fandom: The A-Team
URL: http://www.ateamfanfic.org (2001)
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Screenshot of the A-Team Fanfiction Archives homepage, 2011.
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The A-Team Fanfiction Archives (formerly A-Team Fan Fiction from the Virtual Asylum) is, as its name would suggest, an archive for hosting A-Team fanfiction. It is run by Pax and Sherry, though it is unclear who started the site and when.

It is closely linked to the Virtual Asylum mailing list, though submissions (following the rules of submission outlined on the archive) are welcomed.

All stories must involve the A-Team, either from the original TV series or the movie (though movie fic must be declared as such) Crossovers are welcome, but RPF is not.

The site had an awards section for the Inagural VA Story Awards and the Second Annual VA Story Awards 2000[2] It also had a policy for "orphaning" unfinished stories[3] and a pre-Kudos feedback option to send comment cards to authors by clicking a link.[4]

According to the Wayback Machine, the site went down some time after May 5, 2001 - all captures after this date pertain to the domain only and not the actual webpage.


VA Story Orphanage

It is a sad indictment of our age that we have felt it necessary to put this page upÉÉ But the plight of those poor orphan stories that lie forgotten on our hard and floppy diskettes is a sad one. The Management of the VA have kindly donated some space to allow these stories to have their time in the sunshine and a home with a writer who will truly look after them as their own.

These stories are the difficult ones, ones that start off well but are soon confronted by the problems of lack of inspiration and time to care for them properly, ones that the author has thought about but can't manage due to time constraints, ones that the author has fallen out of love with.

Will someone give one of these stories a home ?

New Orphans

To ensure the stories are given fair treatment we ask that the following guidelines are followed:


By entering a story / Plotline/ Idea on this page you are prepared to give them up. One should write a summary of what has been written so far, any new characters involved, any plotline you may have thought of -- remember people are not bound by this and if possible anything that has been written and a brief summary of why you aren't writing it. If someone is interested and decides to foster the story for the trial period, you tell anyone else who follows up that the story is fostered, please also tell the archivist as well so she can move it to the fostered page. The new author may want you to help on the story but then again he/she may not. Please respect their wishes.


If you are interested in a story, please contact the author directly and negotiate directly. Respect the original author by crediting him / her when posting your story. If you foster a story, there is a trial period of thirty days by which time you have to have posted a part. If you post a part , the story will be named in the recently adopted roll of honor, once the story is completed they will graduate summa cum laude and be placed on the orphanage roll of honor.


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