Been There, Never Done That!

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Title: Been There, Never Done That!
Publisher: Sockii Press
Editor(s): Sockii
Date(s): The zine is undated
Medium: print
Fandom: Xena
Language: English
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cover by Ellie

Been There, Never Done That! is a slash and het digest sized 57-page Xena anthology with fiction by Ellie, Evil-Lyn, G. Bonono & sidewinder. Cover by Ellie, interior photo-art by sidewinder.

The story originally appeared on the Joxerotica mailing list and was archived on the Joxerotica website. The zine is undated.

From the publisher's flyer: "Set during the episode "Been There, Done That", this story is subtext-friendly AND Joxer-friendly (believe it or not!) What if you knew that nothing you did today would matter—that no one but you would remember the events of this day come tomorrow? After living through days of frustration, trying to figure her way out of this endless cycle of repetition, Xena desperately needs a distraction. Something...different. Something that could really get her juices flowing and snap her brain out of the rut it had tumbled into. And then inspiration strikes, in the form of a wicked plan involving both her friends Gabrielle and Joxer..."