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Name: Sidewinder
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Bandom (incl. The Police, The Beatles), A-Team, Babylon 5, Brimstone, Xena, Shanghai Noon, etc.
Communities: Bandfic Archive, fandomnews
Other: personal fic site
URL: sidewinder at LiveJournal
sidewinder at Dreamwidth
sidewinder at AO3
sidewinder at Fan History
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Sidewinder is a slash fanwriter who writes stories for a number of media fandoms as well as bandfic for bands including The Police, The Beatles, and others. Many of Sidewinder's stories were published in zines.

Sidewinder runs the Bandfic Archive and was a participant in the Bandom Terminology Debate.

Sidewinder was a moderator of fandomnews and an administrator at Fan History Wiki, though both are inactive at present.


Some of Sidewinder's works:


  • Interlude a Joxer/Ares fanfic, Some silliness set after the events of "In Sickness and In Hell". Gabrielle stumbles onto an unexpected scene. (July 16, 1998)


Sidewinder also collected her Brimstone slash stories in the anthology Bedeviled (2001). Her work was also included in Been There, Never Done That!.