Sidewinder (fan)

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Name: Sidewinder
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Bandom (incl. The Police, The Beatles), A-Team, Babylon 5, Brimstone, Xena, Shanghai Noon, etc.
Communities: Bandfic Archive, fandomnews
URL: personal fic site
LiveJournal, Dreamwidth
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Sidewinder is a slash fan writer who writes stories for a number of media fandoms as well as bandfic for bands including The Police, The Beatles, and others.

Sidewinder runs the Bandfic Archive and was a participant in the Bandom Terminology Debate.

Sidewinder was a moderator of fandomnews and an administrator at Fan History Wiki, though both are inactive at present.


Many of Sidewinder's stories were published in zines, including:

Sidewinder also released Bedeviled (2001), an anthology of her Brimstone slash. Their work was also included in Been There, Never Done That!