Brotherly Love (multifandom zine)

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Title: Brotherly Love
Publisher: Sockii Press
Date(s): 2004
Medium: print
Fandom: multifandom
Language: English
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Brotherly Love is a slash 90-page multifandom anthology with fiction by the members of philly_slash. Two of the stories are RPS.

[from the editorial]: The philly_slash mailing list was formd in October 1999 when members of the Master Apprentice mailing list realized we all lived in the same general vicinity. Our group has grown and embraces many slash fandoms. This fanzine began as an idea last Spring over a group dinner. Our goal was to represent many fandoms, old and new, and to be a little bit daring and not balk at including a few so-called 'Real Person Slash' stories, given that this is an interest of several of our members and, when it comes down to it, something that has been part of fandom - especially music related fandom - for many years. Indeed, the row of Duran Duran fan fiction zines from the 90s on this editor's bookshelf provide ample evidence of this fact.
  • Lucky Jack by Tauna (The Sweeney—Jack/George). Big Harry's boys mistakenly take George as they try to bargain for the freedom of their boss. (14 pages)
  • Twice Shy by Sydni_6.4 (Batman: The Animated Series—Bruce/Harvey). Sex and violence. (6 pages)
  • Morning After by Alicia Ann Fox (Blake's 7—Vila/Blake) (1 page)
  • Need by Khylara (CSI: Miami—Horatio/Speed). Set post-"Dispo Day". (4 pages)
  • Twice Fallen by Thesseli (Stargate SG-1—Jack/Daniel) (2 pages)
  • You Get What You Need by ElmyraEmilie (Highlander—Duncan/Methos). Duncan's home early and Methos is glad to see him. (4 pages)
  • Autumn Night by rohandove (on net) (Lord of the Rings—Aragorn/Faramir). Boromir/Faramir implied relationship. (2 pages)
  • Invincible by sidewinder (Shanghai Noon—Roy/Chon). Roy thinks he missed his chance to tell Chon how he really feels.
  • Christmas Fun by D Gray (Highlander—Methos/Richie) (3 pages)
  • Yule Fun by D Gray (Highlander—Duncan/Methos). Tiny hint of bondage, but more in the nature of mutual fun and pleasure). (3 pages)
  • Au Vanille by Alicia Ann Fox (Blake's 7—Tarrant/Cally) (4 pages)
  • A Little Lesson In Priorities by MacSTP (on net) (Queer As Folk (US)—Brian/Michael) (5 pages)
  • Ever After by sidewinder (Shanghai Noon—Chon/Roy) (Chon no longer believes in fairy tales) (2 pages)
  • Of All The Bars In All The Anonymous Pacific Northwest Towns In All The World by Feklar (Highlander/X-Files—Methos/Krycek) Non-con, bondage, kink. (10 pages)
  • The Sixth Day by Nicci (on net) (CSI—Grissom/Warrick). Gil's day out with Warrick. (3 pages)
  • No Apologies by sidewinder (The Police—Sting/Stewart). Conquering America, Police-style, RPS. (7 pages)
  • Male Bonding Metallica Style by Feklar (Metallica—James/Jason, RPS) (6 pages)
  • Keeping Each Other Warm (poem) by Khylara (Man from UNCLE)
  • Missing Qui-Gon (poem) by Khylara (The Phantom Menace)
  • Honest (poem) by Khylara (poem)