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RPF Fandom
Name(s): Duran Duran
Scope/Focus: Members of the band
Date(s): 1980, 1990s
See also: Duranie, UMF, For Duranies Only
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Duran Duran are an English pop band founded in 1978 in Birmingham. They played New Wave and New Romantics and were hugely popular in the 1980s. They have been active since with breaks in the 90s and have had two members depart and return - one of them twice - causing fans to worry and grieve. Latest split occurred in 2009 and has not been resolved. The band currently consists of Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, Roger Taylor and John Taylor with Le Bon as lead singer and thus one who draws a lot of attention from fans, though all members have their fans. Previous members include, Andy Taylor (who was the last to depart the band), Sterling Campbell, Warren Cuccurullo, Stephen Duffy, Alan Curtis, Andy Wickett, Simon Colley and Jeff Thomas.[1]


Fans of Duran Duran sometimes refer to themselves as Duranies. Fanlore's page on RPF lists Duran Duran as one of the influential fandoms for RPF during the 90s, where fanzines such as UMF were in circulation.[2]. Another zine, For Duranies Only took its name from the fandom's name for itself; the zine was published in the late 1980s. Given that the band was very active and popular during that decade, it would not be far fetched to speculate that more fanworks focusing on the band exists from this period as well, though they may be lost to time and/or undistributed.[3]

Notable fanworks and creators

One writer who has created works in this fandom is Cori Lannam.


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