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RPF Fandom
Name(s): Music RPF
Scope/Focus: bands and musicians
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Music RPF is a catch-all term for fandoms and fanworks involving real people from the music industry.


Because most early RPF was drawerfic, its origins are difficult to trace. Beatles RPF reportedly dates back to the late 1960s,[1] and Led Zeppelin RPF to the late 1970s.[2] One early example of music RPF in fanzines was Dead Beat, a 1982 Professionals crossover with members of the band The Moody Blues. The first known zine to publish Duran Duran fanfiction was a 1987 German zine called Vertigo.[3]

With the arrival of the internet in the 1990s, music RPF fanworks started being posted online. Popular RPF bands in '90s included Metallica and Hanson.

Music RPF has a very different history from Actor RPF, which was written by media fans who in many cases were subject to internalized shame about breaking the fourth wall and writing about real people instead of the fictional characters they played on television. Music fans did not have this problem, though people making fun of teenage girls for writing fanfic about pop stars is an ongoing issue. Young people have indeed long been writing and posting large quantities of fanfic about their favorite pop or rock musicians, from New Kids on the Block to Justin Bieber. From the point of view of media fandom, RPF became more acceptable when a large number of media fans joined popslash. Later music fandoms with significant television fan participation include bandom and (to a lesser extent) One Direction.

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