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Synonyms: Bandslash
See also: Popslash, Bandom, Music RPF
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Band Fic (or bandfic) is fanfiction written about bands and rock musicians. It is a subset of RPF. The term "bandfic" apparently it was less commonly used by fans in 6-degrees-of-Pete-Wentz Bandom. (See the related talk page for more informations)

In the 2000s, when RPF was better known as RPS, "bandslash" was often used interchangeably with "band fic," although the "-slash" in the term may distinguish it from the wider field of band fic, which can include het and gen fiction.

History of bandfic

See also Music RPF history and FBR/MCR bandom history.

Bands people wrote fic about, in somewhat chronological order:

The usenet essay FANFIC NATION: I Was a Teenage Bandslasher describes the state of bandfic on the Web as of 2002.

From fanthropology in 2008: History of BandFic, an overview: fanthropology, Archived version

Pro Published Bandfic

In 2009, Laura Hale created a bibliography of professionally-published bandfic. She put it on flyers and distributed them at MediaWest*Con for the purpose of sending fan traffic to Fan History Wiki;

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