Justin Bieber Fanfiction Archive

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Name: Justin Bieber Fanfiction Archive
Date(s): 06/04/10-
Type: Fan Fiction Archive
Fandom: Justin Bieber RPF
URL: http://justinbieberfanfiction.com/index.php
Justin Bieber Fanfiction Archive.jpg
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The Justin Bieber Fanfiction Archive is an archive for fanfiction about Justin Bieber.

In September 2011 it housed 4,577 authors, 15,718 members, and 9,424 stories. By April 2013 it was the home of 10,963 authors and 20,539 stories.

The archive has submission rules for hosted fics. 6. We DO NOT allow Mature/Adult rated stories. There are users though who try to get around it as there are some mature/adult rated stories.

However, Users who violate the rules will recieve a warning. Further violations will resulting in a strike. Users who receive 3 strikes will be removed from the site. The site admins are trying to crack down on violations with the help of users who report them. [1]

There are forums on the archive and there is a Twitter account called @bieberfanfic.


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