Whatever Gets You Through the Night

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Title: Whatever Gets You Through the Night
Publisher: Sockii Press
Editor(s): Sockii
Date(s): 1997-2000
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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cover of issue #1

Whatever Gets You Through the Night is a slash, gen and het multimedia fanzine. It focuses on unusual pairings and rare fandoms. The summaries below are from the online flyer.

Issue 1

Whatever Gets You Through the Night 1 was published in 1997 and contains 77 pages.

  • Recon 1 by TopLegal (Star Trek: Voyager - slash) 16 pages (The crew of Voyager are stunned when they are contacted in a Federation "rescue" mission - and not everyone is necessarily eager to go home again. A sometimes hilarious and sometimes very naughty tale, sure to please Paris and Chakotay fans.)
  • The Drive and The Wait by Amanda Bogardus (X-Files) 3 pages (Two short vignettes from Scully and Mulder's perspectives, respectively.)
  • Just an Interesting Plot Twist by sidewinder (A-Team - slash) 12 pages (A moment's whim catches Face completely by surprise when it reveals Murdock's long-felt desires. Will it destroy their friendship - or turn it into something so much more... From the author: "Actually the first slash piece I ever wrote, sort of a typical "first-time" story, Murdock & Face.")
  • The Newlyweds by Jasmine (A-Team - het) 15 pages (Running a scam as Faceman's blushing bride turns out not to be much of a hardship for Amy.)
  • I Love to Watch You and I Sometimes Wonder by Lynda (A-Team slash poetry) 4 pages
  • Bailey and Charlie by TopLegal (Party of Five - slash) 4 pages
  • Lessons by sidewinder (Babylon 5 - slash) 7 pages (Delenn's human transformation has been difficult in many ways, particularly when it comes to dealing with certain new human...urges. Can Ivanova help with this latest crisis? From the author: "This is just a silly little Delenn and Ivanova lust piece. I won't claim that it has any deeper redeeming qualities beyond that.")
  • Shadowplay by sidewinder (Babylon 5 - slash) 14 pages. (Michael Garibaldi's morale is hitting a dangerous low after Sinclair's good-bye message. While dealing with a new drug problem in Down Below, can he find the comfort he needs from someone he himself helped turn around months before? From the author: "Inspired by a few scenes in the episode "War Without End" that just seemed so, well...slashy betweem Garibaldi and Sinclair, even though they never shared a single scene together...I wanted to write a story about how Michael dealt with losing Sinclair for good. AND to see if there was any slash potential between Michael and my favorite "one-shot" character on B5, Amis. I'm pretty proud of how it turned out.")
  • The Wait (X-Files) (1 page) (A-Team, slash) poetry by Lynda

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

  • Overall:10
  • Fiction:10
  • Artwork:10
  • Layout/editing:10

Favorite: (1) "An Interesting Plot Twist" because the Murdock/Face relationship was handled so well!

Least Fave: (1) "Recon 1" because rather...raunchy...who were those characters, anyhow?

Other comments: (1) How can I not love the first 'zine I was published in?? The pictures were wonderful!! The title says it all. [1]

Issue 2

Whatever Gets You Through the Night 2 was published in May 1998 and contains 136 pages.

  • Fever Pitch by Amanda (Star Trek: Voyager) 2 pages (For Paris and Torres, things are just starting to heat up.)
  • Vignettes of Life in the Delta Quadrant by TopLegal (Star Trek: Voyager) 7 pages (A collection of short-short stories and scenarios exploring the more erotic side of life on Voyager.)
  • Dreamscapes by Deanna (Star Trek: TNG) 12 pages (Originally posted to alt.startrek.creative. A post-"First Contact" story. Lieutenant Hawk is miraculously saved from assimilation and death by the quick-thinking Reg Barclay. But can Hawk's new friend help him on the long road to emotional recovery?)
  • Angel Eyes by Amanda (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) 1 page (A bittersweet epilogue to the episode "Prophecy Girl".)
  • Love's Sweet Revenge by sidewinder (Xena: Warrior Princess) 19 pages (When Aphrodite thinks Autolycus has burglarised one of her temples, she's going to make sure the King of Thieves pays dearly for the crime. What could be worse revenge than making him fall madly in love with...Joxer?! Only what happens after the enchantment has been removed...)
  • Until Time and Times are Done by Sarah Houghton (seaQuest/Xena: Warrior Princess) 13 pages (An intriguing SEAQUEST crossover, originally published in the fanzine Talisman (reprinted with author's and publisher's permission). On shore leave in Greece, Tim learns the unbelievable truth about his ancestry.)
  • Angel’s Seduction by Evermore (seaQuest) 7 pages (Lucas manages to convince Tim to spend shore leave off-ship and with him, but that's only the beginning of what the young man has in mind for the shy lieutenant...)
  • Is This a Pass? by Gatorella and Aquamaniac (A-Team) 7 pages (Maggie's got a very special birthday surprise for Hannibal on their first night together!)
  • Gatorella Does Aquamaniac by Range Ryder (A-Team) 10 pages (Hannibal decides to film the ultimate--and perhaps only--XXX monster movie! But what's going on behind the scenes is what would really steam up the camera lens...)
  • Quiet Seduction by Jasmine (A-Team) 8 pages (Murdock and Amy scheme on a plan for seducing Face...)
  • To Boldy Go Where No Smeggy Silk Jammies Have Gone Before by Range Ryder & sidewinder (Red Dwarf/A-Team) 9 pages ((Originally posted on the A-Team Fan-Fiction Mailing List.) Dave Lister causes more trouble than he could ever imagine when he tries to rebuild the Time Drive and get some fresh curry.)
  • Face and B.A. Come Together by Denise (A-Team) 1 page (A super-short story that's definitely not what you're expecting. (Originally posted on the A-Team Fan-Fiction Mailing List).)
  • The Nightmare by Jasmine (A-Team) 14 pages (Hannibal's been having disturbing nightmares, but that's not his only problem--not after Face discovers his true feelings for his lieutenant. And what happens when Face learns Hannibal isn't the only Team member interested in furthering their relationship with him?)
  • Games People Play by Range Ryder (A-Team) 3 pages ((Originally posted on the A-Team Fan-Fiction Mailing List.) Face is jealous when Murdock keeps "playing games" with old friends Amy and Tawnia.)
  • Hasten Down the Wind by sidewinder (A-Team/Highlander) 22 pages (When a Team member wakes up after being killed, he’s got a long trip home--and a lot of explaining to do when he gets there. From the author: "This is a really weird Highlander crossover story more about death and greiving than down and dirty smut. But it's got a happy ending. The first draft of it originally appeared on the A-Team Fan-Fic Mailing List.")

Issue 3

Whatever Gets You Through the Night 3 was published in March 2000 and contains 112 pages. Sockii is the front cover and interior artist.

  • False Pretenses by Evermore (Xena: Warrior Princess) 20 pages
  • Pieces of a Dream by Kim Hamilton (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) 3 pages
  • Crossroads by Mimi (A-Team/X-Files) 17 pages
  • Sum Total by Amanda B. (X-Files) 2 pages
  • Rolir by Jasmine (A-Team) 24 pages
  • Behind Closed Doors by Serenity (A-Team) 1 page
  • Star Chamber by AdmiralTAG (Star Trek: The Next Generation) 4 pages
  • Unspoken by sidewinder (Brimstone) 3 pages
  • Dance the Edge by Rickey (seaQuest) 3 pages
  • Angel's Lullaby by Evermore (seaQuest) 19 pages
  • Stormfront by sidewinder (Star Wars: The Phantom Menace) 1 page
  • Spirited Away by Evermore (The Haunting/Star Wars: The Phantom Menace/Forever Knight/...) 10 pages