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Synonyms: Fandom Jumper, Migratory Slash Fan, fan slut, Multifannish
See also: Mono-fan, Slash Slut
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A Fannish Butterfly is someone constantly flitting from fandom to fandom, as opposed to a Mono-fan who stays with their first fandom for years, or even for life.

The term was created by Michelle Christian during a panel at ZebraCon in 1995, while taking exception to the then-popular term "slash slut" for anyone who had more than two or three fandoms.

Example of usage: Confessions of a Fannish Butterfly, Sandy Herrold's website.

A term that predates "Fannish Butterfly" by at least a year, but did not become nearly as popular was "fan slut." A fan in February 1994 wrote:

My friend Carol McCoy coined the tongue-in-cheek term "fan sluts" to describe people who dabble in many different fandoms at the same time. (She herself is strictly monogamous, devoted to a single fandom all her life.) I'm neither monogamous nor a slut; instead, I'm a serial monogamist. I stick to one fandom at a time! [1]