Different Odds

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Title: Different Odds
Publisher: Friendly Advice Press
Editor(s): Mary E
Date(s): January 1996
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Language: English
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cover by Janis C., an eBay seller has covered up the naughty bits

Different Odds is a slash Deep Space Nine 144-page anthology.

There is a sheet of colored paper bound in the GBC spine in the very front so no one sees the cover picture if the zine happens to be laying around or if you are reading it in public.

Summary from a Flyer

From the fanzine flyer issued in 1996: "DIFFERENT ODDS, an all Garak/Bashir zine based on "The Die is Cast." What if Garak hadn't been stuck with Odo on the Romulan ship? What if Dr. Bashir had been the other passenger on the runabout? What if Enabran Tain had ordered Garak to torture . . . Bashir? Each of our eight authors has a different light to shed on this burning question:"

illo by Janis C., note: Marked for sexual assault/rape; minimized.

From the Editorial

Welcome to Different Odds, an all Garak/Bashir zine.

This is my first attempt at publishing a zine, and I came to it kicking and screaming. It grew out of a discussion on the internet with several of the authors, who are among the best known Deep Space Nine slash authors on the net. After seeing "The Die is Cast," some of us were infuriated that the friendship between Garak and Bashir was dropped in favor of a relationship between Garak and Odo. Why would Garak worry so much about torturing Odo—why couldn't he be forced to interrogate Bashir instead? Ah, inspiration! One by one, we capitulated and wrote our stories. And here they are.

Different Odds is a zine by and for obsessives: all the stories have much in common, of course— the situation, the sexual tension between Garak and his captive, in his hands for the first time, Tain's presence and his influence on Garak—but no two stories are alike in more than superficial ways.

We are truly privileged to have artwork by [Janis C] and TACS to complement our fiction.


  • Phantasmagoria by P.A. Tara (7)
  • What Price Friendship by Mandy Gordon (19)
  • Hold On by Catherine (33)
  • Home is Where the Heart Is by Karen Colohan (45)
  • Stand-Off by Kronette (69)
  • Torturer, Tailor, Soldier, Spy by Mary E (85)
  • The Journeyman's Test by Emily Brunson (109)
  • Trinity by Janis C. (133)
  • With "luscious illustrations by Janis C. and TACS and a hot, provocative cover by Janis C. There's something for everyone in this zine, from romance to heavy h/c."