Central Consortium 1998

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Title: Central Consortium 1998
Creator: Central Consortium
Date: 1997 (although some vids may have been made earlier)
Format: VHS
Fandom: Multimedia (multiple fandoms) (see list)

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Central Consortium 1998 is a songtape collection of vids made by members of the Central Consortium vidding group. Like many VHS songtape collections of the time, the tapes had no special labeling and came with a basic printed playlist.

Song Fandom
Set it Off Babylon 5
Again Star Trek: TNG
I'm So Sick of You Highlander
Missing You Space: Above & Beyond
Shoop Multimedia (multiple fandoms)
Invisible Man Babylon 5
As Long As You Love Me Highlander
Sit Away Lonely The X-Files
Every Breath You Take The Pretender
One More Try Buffy
Good Lovin' Babylon 5
King Nothing Highlander
What A Man Star Trek: DS9
Foolish Games The X-Files
Human Nature Space: Above & Beyond
Truly, Madly, Deeply Babylon 5
Do You Remember? The Pretender
Maneater Star Trek: Voyager
Wasted Time Highlander
Sharp Dressed Man Multimedia
Thriller Multimedia
My Heart Is Calling Babylon 5
Monkee’s Theme Highlander
Angel In Disguise Buffy: The Vampyre Slayer
Let's Call the Whole Thing Off Babylon 5
Uninvited Buffy: The Vampyre Slayer
Step by Step Babylon 5
Theme Song ST: DS9