Partners in Exile

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Title: Partners in Exile
Author(s): Luzula
Date(s): 2013
Length: 20,168 words
Genre: gen
Fandom: Due South/Temeraire
External Links: online here

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Partners in Exile is a Due South/Temeraire story by Luzula.

It was part of the 2013 round of the due South/Canadian Six Degrees fandoms big bang challenge.

Reactions and Reviews

I admit the premise of this story was my idea, and when Luzula expressed an interest in it I badgeredencouraged her to write it. Many of us, I'm sure, are already fans of Luzula's writing, her beautiful descriptions of environs, and the lovely way she balances Fraser's surface reticence and his emotional intensity beneath. Luzula has done a great job of merging the two canons, with Dief as a half Arctic dragon who was Bob Fraser's partner by choice. He teams up with Benton to find Bob's killers, and they are aided and hindered along the way by dragons and humans. It's filled with delightful characters and loads of heart, as the two of them find a way to work with each other. [1]


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