Derry Girls

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Name: Derry Girls
Creator: Lisa McGee
Date(s): 2018 -
Medium: television series
Country of Origin: Ireland, Northern Ireland, UK
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Derry Girls is a UK sitcom that follows the misadventures of four Northern Irish teenage girls and one English lad, who all attend the same all girls Catholic Secondary School in Derry, Londonderry, Northern Ireland. The series is set in the mid-90s, against the historical background of the Troubles, and events leading up to the Good Friday Agreement.

The series was released internationally on Netflix in December 2018.




The series is very popular in the UK and Ireland, but the fandom remains small.

Many fans are connecting on sites like Tumblr, Twitter and Reddit. The Tumblr fandom for Derry Girls is known for creating gifs and theories, particularly on the sexualities of various characters, and was very happy with the reveal of an LGBT character in Season 1.

There's not a lot of fanfiction in this fandom. Some fic writers have found it difficult to write fics that remain true to Northern Irish accent and colloquialisms.[1] In fanfiction the most popular pairing is the non-canon James Maguire/Erin Quinn, with all other pairings currently rare. While many fans headcanon that James is a queer character, the pairing of James Maguire/David Donnelly does not appear often in fanfic, but it is the most popular slash pairing in this fandom. Derry Girls has a canon lesbian character in Clare Devlin, but femslash is rare.

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