Horrible Histories

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Name: Horrible Histories
Abbreviation(s): HH
Creator: Terry Deary
Date(s): 1993–2013
Animated TV Series: January 1, 2001 – March 26, 2002
First Live Action Series :16 April 2009 – 4 August 2014
Revival: 7 February 2015 – present
Medium: Books, Animated TV Series, Live Action TV series
Country of Origin: Britain
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Horrible Histories is a series of non fiction books teaching history to children. In 2009, a Live-Action TV comedy sketch show began to air on CBBC, ending in 2014. A revival began in 2015, with a mostly different cast and a different format focusing on a specific theme per episode, rather than the previous show's format of including several time periods with relatively unconnected skits.

The series is probably mostly known for bringing The Six Idiots together for the first time, comprising Jim Howick, Simon Farnaby, Mathew Baynton, Ben Willbond, Laurence Rickard and Martha Howe-Douglas.



2009 TV Series

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Certain figures, whether they be well known historical figures, or other characters, are remembered by fans more than others.

Mathew Baynton King Charles II Known for his song, particularly the lyrics: "My name is... my name is... my name is Charles the second."
Dick Turpin Known in the fandom for being many fans' sexual awakening.
Jim Howick 'Shouty Man' Known for his entrance quote: "Hi, I'm a Shouty Man and I'm here to tell you about new _______"
King George IV
Simon Farnaby Death/Grim Reaper Known for 'Stupid Deaths'
Medieval Rich Man Known for the meme 'Is This Some Sort of Peasant Joke?'
Martha Howe-Douglas Queen Elizabeth I
Boudicca Known for her song.
Ben Willbond King Henry VIII
Alexander the Great Known for the skit where his advisor questions why he's named several cities after himself.
Laurance Rickard Bob Hale Fictional worker for HHTV News. Known for his reports on various different historical events or topics, as well as his quote "...but not for long."
Draco Known for the skit where he shows off the Draconion Laws.


Many memes have been created using clips from the show:

2015 Revival


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