Gentleman Jack

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Name: Gentleman Jack
Creator: Sally Wainwright
Date(s): 22 April 2019 –
Medium: Television
Country of Origin: UK/US
External Links: official BBC site, official HBO site, Wikipedia:Gentleman Jack (TV series)
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Gentleman Jack is a historical drama about Anne Lister's life in 18th Century Yorkshire. It is based on the extensive collection of diaries she kept which were partly written in a secret code, documenting a lifetime of lesbian relationships.


The series has led to renewed interest in Lister's diaries and many have went on to read Helena Whitbread's decoding of them, as well as the tie-in biography that was released before the series began. Anne Lister's home, Shibden Hall, has also received a huge influx of visitors since the series began to air.[1]


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  1. ^ Gentleman Jack boosts Shibden Hall visitor numbers by 700% with fans jetting in from USA