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Name: Frostiron Bingo
Date(s): Round One: 2019-2020
Submissions: fanworks: fanart and fanfiction
Type: m/m (FrostIron: Loki/Tony Stark)
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
URL: Frostiron Bingo Round 1 collection on AO3 (offline, not archived)
Frostiron Bingo tag on AO3
Frostiron Bingo on Tumblr, Archived version
Frostiron Bingo on Twitter, Archived version
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The Frostiron Bingo grew out of a writing event that was held at the frostiron server on Discord in 2019.

The sign-ups for Round 1 lasted from June 1 to June 31. The creation of the bingo cards began on July 1 and the first cards were handed out on August 1.[1] If a participant didn't like a square or felt uncomfortable with a prompt, it was possible to get a revised (personalized) card.[2] Cards were available in worksafe and NSFW versions, and authors and artists were asked to name tropes and themes they would like or not like to work with when signing up for the bingo.

A server for bingo participants with various channels was created on Discord in May 2019 while a blog called The FrostIron Bingo! was installed on July 19 as a more visible medium on tumblr. A twitter account was opened in the same month. As of June 6, 2020, all three, the server, the blog, and the twitter account, were active.

Round 1 ended on May 29, 2020 (which is also Tony Stark's birthday in the MCU), with 161 works in 16 fandoms [3] uploaded into the Frostiron Bingo collection on AO3. [4] The deadline for masterlists was May 31.

A second round was announced on January 6, 2020. Sign-ups were supposed to open on June 1st,[5] but, on June 4, 2020, the following statement was made on tumblr:

Q: Will there be a next round?
A: When I first started the bingo, I planned on there being a future for it, but I’ve kinda lost interest in frostiron and dont know/trust anyone with the event to pass it on to. But feel free to start your own! [6]

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