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Name: Samifer Big Bang
Date(s): 2016 - 2019
Moderator(s): BrokenWriter
Founder: BrokenWriter
Type: Big Bang - fanfiction, fanart
Fandom: Supernatural
Associated Community:
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The Samifer Big Bang is a big bang challenge in Supernatural fandom focused on the pairing of Lucifer/Sam Winchester. Writers had to write either 5,000 words for a mini bang or 10,000 words for the big bang, artists had to create one piece that could be drawings, manips, edits, digital work, picspams.



Deep Cover
Author: lux-tuli
Artist: emmatheslayer
Beta: n/a
Side-Pairing: n/a
Rating: Teen
Summary: [AU] Sam is a LAPD cop that goes undercover to infiltrate the Alighieri family and uncover the identity of the enigmatic don Lucifer. All the while he slowly starts falling for the smooth bartender Nick but not all is what it seems and there is more to Nick than he had expected…
Tags/Warnings: none

By My Heel, I Care Not
Author: TalkMagically
Artist: Juniper-Raso
Beta: N/A
Side Pairings: Chestervelle, Michael/Eve
Rating: Teen
Summary: Dean Winchester and Michael Shurley butt heads more often than rams during mating season. There is no hope at getting them to play nice any time soon. Sam and Lucifer both know this. However, they don’t much care for their brothers’ immaturity. They know how to act like the adults they are. They still feel like walking around on egg shells when they start having very adult thoughts about each other. (loose Romeo and Juliet AU)
Tags/Warnings: Major Character Death, Graphic Scenes, suicide mentions

Remember Our Amiable Hearts
Author: charliebradcherry
Artist: littlelibrarianintraining
Beta: N/A
Side Pairings: N/A
Rating: Mature
Summary: After Chuck is reunited with Amara, the Winchesters settle back on track to pursue their old duties in saving the world until they find a very damaged archangel on the side of the road in Illinois. Much against Dean’s will, Sam thinks it’s best for Lucifer to come with and decides to take responsibility over him until his injuries are fully healed. As days pass, Sam becomes aware that Lucifer just isn’t up to par lately and can’t help but wonder what’s been going on out there while he was out and lost in the wilderness. Soon enough, all of that gets cleared up after having worked on a case in Louisiana for four days when they get a call from Castiel to tell them just exactly why he’s been behaving this odd lately, and it’s up to Sam to try and fix it.
Tags/Warnings: none

Alone I Break
Author: devil-in-a-winchester
Artist: sweetonmeclarence & devil-in-a-winchester
Beta: platonic-rabbit
Side Pairings: Previous Sam/Jess
Rating: Mature/Explicit
Summary: Lucifer is a writer with the worst possible thing: permanent writer’s block. In an attempt to find his inspiration again and to get out of his routine, Lucifer decides to visit the town his late mother grew up in. New Orleans turns out to be more than just a change of his surroundings though and when he meets the grandson of his landlady he can’t stop thinking about him. Sam is interesting. Young and cheerful and just completely sweeping Lucifer off his feet, but something about him isn’t right. Sam is… different. The two begin something that looks like an affair, but for Sam it’s so much more than that because Lucifer doesn’t know that the boy is at the edge of his life - haunted by his past and driven towards death with every day passing. Lucifer is his last hope, or maybe it’s the other way around. One thing Lucifer knows for sure; Sam needs him and he needs the boy with the beautiful rainbow eyes and the dimpled smile just as much.
Tags/Warnings: Underage Drinking, Ghost!AU, Human!AU, Age Difference, Medium!Sam, College Student!Sam, Writer!Lucifer, Angst, Mental Breakdowns, Panic Attacks, Haunting, Fighting, Hurt/Comfort, Sexual Content, Death, Violence, Blood & Injuries, Ghost Attacks, Fatal Accidents

Art by wearemykingdom for You Won’t Put Me In A Cage

You Won’t Put Me In A Cage
Author: brieflymaximumprincess
Artist: wearemykingdom
Beta: tattooedluci
Side-Pairing: destiel
Rating: mature
Summary: Sam is a young lawyer who lives with his brother Dean in the house they share. Lucifer is an artist who owns a nightclub and has a stranger phobia. He can’t stand people touching him, except a very few. Sam and Lucifer meet when Castiel, Lucifer’s brother, purchases a flat that needs to be fixed up. Lucifer arouses Sam’s curiosity, blowing hot and cold. The attraction is immediate between the two men. They begin a relationship that turns awry one night and Lucifer kicks Sam out of his life without an explanation. Sam thinks the key is in Lucifer’s past but the other refuses to talk about it.
Tags/Warnings: Alternate Universe - Human, Piercings, Radical Christian Sect, Past Abuse, Graphic Description Of Violence, Past Children Abuse, Sort Of Stranger Phobia

Murder With You
Author: lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell
Artist: ellstra
Betas: platonic-rabbit, brieflymaximumprincess
Side Pairings: Prior Destiel, mentioned Jody/Donna
Rating: Explicit
Summary: "It is better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven"- John Milton, Paradise Lost Sam and Lucifer Winchester are your average homosexual couple. They work. They live together. They have sex. They are pillars of the community, between Sam’s medical practice and Lucifer helping train the next generation of Marines. People could be proud to know. People who were liked. But there’s an itch beneath their skin that craves for a certain part of the population to be eradicated. The ones who bash veterans such as Lucifer and call them horrible names and accuse them of crimes simply because of the military. The ones who give disgusted looks to Sam when his husband calls him to say that he made it into the house safely and exclaim ‘I don’t want some faggot treatin’ me, I’ll find another doctor!’ They crave for that blood to be spilled, and spill it they do. The scary part is? They enjoy it.
Tags/Warnings: MCD, graphic descriptions of violence, blood, blood!kink, bloodplay, torture, torture!kink, Dom/sub, BDSM, bondage, dom!Lucifer, sub!Sam, Top!Lucifer, bottom!Sam, mentally unstable!Sam, Marine!Lucifer, doctor!Sam, serial killers, murder husbands au, alcoholic!Dean, John Winchester’s A+ parenting, tw suicide, court proceedings, alcohol abuse, sex, lots of sex, rape/noncon (there for certain scenes), erotophonophilia (murder!kink), hematolagnia, Human AU, prior homophobia, Homophobia tw, vet bashing tw

North Star
Author: anactorya
Artist: juniper-raso
Beta: hideyourdemoneyes
Side pairings: N/a
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Rival kings Lucifer and Michael have been tearing the kingdom apart since their father died, each of them convinced he should be the one to rule it alone. Between their warring factions and the civilian resistance that wants them both gone, peace seems like a distant dream. In the frozen islands to the north, magic glitters beneath the ice. Lucifer travels there in disguise, seeking an advantage in the fight against his brother – but ends up finding something rather different.
Tags/warnings: Fantasy AU, magic users, identity porn, oral sex.

Author: spoopernaptime
Artist: emmatheslayer
Side Pairings: Castiel/Dean Winchester
Rating: Gen
Summary: It started with the Hellhound. Or maybe it started before that. Maybe this all started at the beginning of time; maybe it’s just his Father’s fault.
Warnings: References to past animal abuse.

The Devil Wears Flannel (It Belongs to Sam)
Author: Quincygrace
Artist: Kuwlshadow
Beta: Indigomagnolia
Side Pairings: Dean/Cas
Rating: Gen
Summary: When the cage finally breaks under the pressure of Michael and Lucifer, no one expects that God would have finally taken steps to keep the world safe. Now Lucifer is with the Winchesters, his grace bound to the point that he is practically human. Just add that to the long list of things the brothers and Castiel have to deal with now.
Tag/Warnings: Fluff, Protective Sam, Protective Lucifer, Canon-Typical Violence, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Season 10

Preachers and Piercings
Author: missmarvelandothers
Artist: thatgorgeousarchangel
Beta: None
Side Pairings: None
Rating: Mature
Summary: Lucifer Milton is a teenaged boy with some problems. Mouthy, five too many piercings, and oh yeah, he’s gay. Lucifer doesn’t see it as an issue, but his brother sure does. Hence why he’s at Camp Romans 1:26-28, a Christian conversion camp for “helping lost youths find their way”. Lucifer is set on not having a good time, and then he meets Sam Winchester. Love is found, secrets are kept, and shadows lurk behind the bright facade of the camp.
Tags/ Warnings: Rape/ Noncon, Sexual Assault, past child abuse, self-harm, homophobia, violence,

The Cage of Hope
Author: Platonic-Rabbit
Artist: Theartbluebox
Betas: Lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell & Whitmerule
Side Pairings: Past Sam/Jess
Rating: Mature
Tags: Graphic depictions of violence, canon typical violence, implied sexual content, minor character death, Lucifer’s Cage, Demon possession
Summary: Sam Winchester got out of hunting and went to live with his grandfather Henry as a teenager. When Henry dies, Sam, now a lawyer, returns to Kansas for his funeral. To his surprise, Henry’s will entrusts Sam with the guardianship of a magical box passed down in the Winchester family for generations; a box that talks to Sam and reveals it has a living being caged inside it. When the Men of Letters and a group of demons begin hunting Sam in order to take the box, he and his brother go on the run to avoid them, while Sam gets to know the being for whom he has inadvertently become jailkeeper, and begins to feel conflicted.


Author: lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell
Artist: emmatheslayer
Betas: trisscar368, spnyoucantkeepmedown, platonic-rabbit
Side Pairings: Mentioned Calthazar, mentioned Dean/Anna
Rating: Explicit
Summary: Sam is a young seraph in Michael’s garrison, with a crush on the Morning Star. One day, after a hard day of training, Sam stumbles upon Lucifer sleeping by the riverbank. Sam decides to sit and watch the Morning Star sleep. And when he decides he wants to keep a feather of Lucifer’s for himself? Well, that’s where things get interesting.
Tags: Mating, Angel Mating, Weird Courting Habits, Mating Displays, Angel!Verse, Angel!Sam, Top!Lucifer, bottom!Sam, Sam watches Lucifer creepily-ish, military mindsets, General!Lucifer, Private (essentially) Sam, Seraph!Sam, Wing oil, Wing Kink, Grace Kink, Sexual Content

Dare Seize the Fire
Author name: DreadDreaded
Artist name: Wearemykingdom
Side-Pairing(s): Dean/Castiel (background), Crowley/Samandriel/Meg (background), Gabriel/Kali (background)
Rating: Mature
Summary: Sam Winchester, a lawyer and brand new submissive, is new to the BDSM scene. The first time he visits the club, Inferno, he meets Master Lucifer, a Dom who catches Sam’s eye. The two have an immediate chemistry, but work keeps them from playing at the club as often as they’d like. When Sam is hired to be the second chair for the prosecution in a murder trial, he receives the shock of a lifetime. Master Lucifer is the opposing attorney, Luke Alighieri, a man known as a ruthless lawyer who has never lost a case. Will the outcome of the case affect the relationship that Sam and Lucifer are trying to build?
Tags/Warnings: Sex scenes are considered graphic. Dominance/submission, not entirely accurate BDSM, aftercare, spanking, mentions of knife play, mentions of cock flogging, mentions of bloodplay, mentions of electro play, fire play, St. Andrews Cross scene, mentions of sounding, flogging, watching other people in scenes consensually, negotiations, contracts, consent, Dom Lucifer, Sub Sam, sex between two men, secrecy, Top Lucifer, Bottom Sam, office sex, shibari, rope suspension, angst, not accurate legal descriptions.

The Art of Domination
Author: lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell Artist: purrfectmochi
Betas: trisscar368, spnyoucantkeepmedown, platonic-rabbit
Side Pairings: Raphael/Death, Gabriel/Kali, Balthazar/12 Other People, Annaby, Megstiel, Mentioned Denny, Alistair/Tessa, Mentioned Crowley/OMC, Mentioned Rowena/OFC, Gadreel/OFC, Kevin Tran/Adam Milligan/Samandriel, Prior SamBrady
Rating: Explicit
Summary: In a world of Dominants, Switches, and Submissives, Lucifer Alighieri is a man with a secret. He feels shame about his true presentation of Submissive and hides it under a confident yet overcompensating Dominant persona. He vows never to give in to his presentation and to be like his older brother Michael, an eternal bachelor. That is, until Michael hires Sam Winchester. At first wary of the Dominant, Lucifer soon teams up with Sam, Michael, and a paralegal to unravel a nasty secret that Dr. Alistair Picasso, one of Lucifer’s clients, and Fergus Crowley, a former employee of Lucifer’s, share before learning that just because he was Submissive doesn’t make him any less of a man.
Tags: Alternate Universe- BDSM is Normal; Sub!Lucifer, Dom!Sam, Fake Dom!Lucifer, Similar to ABO except it’s Dominants Switches Submissives, Romance, Coworkers to Friends to Lovers, Crops, Collars, Virgin!Lucifer, Bottom!Lucifer, Top!Sam, Bondage, Aro!Michael, Genderfluid!Raphael, Polyamorous!Balthazar, Domestic Violence, Alistair is a Giant Dick, Hate Towards Submissives, TW Self Harm, Mentioned Underage- very briefly mentioned, Questionable Medical Procedures, Crowley is also a Dick, Mentioned Domestic Abuse

None more so than man
Author name: koryuoftheriverflow
Artist name: coco-mint
Side-Pairing(s): Dean/Cas
Rating: Mature
Summary: Sam is in the Cage with Lucifer, when Rowena and Crowley come to the rescue with a proposition. Lucifer will inhabit his former vessel, improved by the Book of the Damned to contain him without combusting and without Nick’s soul, now in Heaven. His grace will however be bound. To Sam, more specifically, who’ll choose whether to release him before the final battle against Amara. Life in the Bunker will have to change to make room for a newly human Devil, but between hunts, Disney movies and books of poetry, Lucifer may be able to change himself as well.
Tags: Alternate Season/Series 11, Human Lucifer (Supernatural), Episode: s11e09 O Brother Where Art Thou, Episode: s11e17 Red Meat, Voyeurism, sort of, Anal Sex, Rimming, Men of Letters Bunker, Dean Winchester/Castiel, If You Squint, Inspired by Poetry, POV Lucifer (Supernatural), POV Sam Winchester

Nightmares Become Reality
Author name: i-bleed-salt
Artist name: kuwlshadow
Beta: brieflymaximumprincess, sassysupernaturalsweetheart
Side-Pairing(s): None
Rating: Mature
Summary: Because he tried to save his mother, Sam is now trapped in the alternate universe with Lucifer. Needless to say that the Devil is anything but pleased and Sam is the first to fall victim to his anger and rage. After being literally beaten unconscious, Sam wakes up to find Lucifer gone. Knowing he has to survive somehow until Dean finds a way to get him, Sam does what he knows best and tries just that. He does meet Lucifer again, but this time he is different. They team up, if only to not walk this wasteland alone, and soon find themselves trapped in a cabin to seek shelter from a terrible storm outside. With little else to do, they end up kind of talking, which isn’t going all that well. Until Lucifer finds something they can kill a bit of time with: an old magazine. What Sam spots in it is some kind of quiz that’s supposed to create love for someone else, but of course he doesn’t believe a word of it. Still, they are alone, they have to do something until the storm is over, so it won’t hurt, right? He’s not going to fall in love with the Devil after all, so he has nothing to lose. It really can’t get any worse than it already is.
Tags/Warnings: Violence, Blood, Alternative Universe, Heavy Angst Hurt/Comfort, Isolation, Survival, Major Character Death

Coup D’état
Author name: glitchygrin
Beta: cassad-y
Side-Pairing(s): Michael/Adam
Rating: Mature
Summary: At birth, everyone has the date they will die tattooed on their arm. Sam has approximately one week left until he kicks the bucket, according to the date on his wrist. He starts the week wanting to have some peace, to relax. However, he finds that even that’s too much to ask for when trouble arrives at his doorstep. The days that follow prove to be equally as troubling for poor Sam, full of misadventure, romance, and a government as corrupt as it is secretive.
Tags/Warnings: NSFW, Alcohol use, Minor character death, Car Crash, Kind Of Sad For A Little (It gets better I swear), My virgin ass writing smut, seriously don’t expect too much, this is a mess, a deep and meaningful storyline if you squint, corrupt government, I’m probably on a watch list now, blood, stabbing stuff, threatening, blackmail, orange president, any relations in this story are completely coincidental, up to you whether Sam is a good or a bad guy, can be controversial, I actually did a lot of research on wounds towards the end, Sam really shouldn’t be walking around after what happens to him, but I glossed over it

Say something, something like you love me
Author name: Azraphele
Artist name: heavenresides
Rating: Mature
Summary: “Well do I get to know or not? Or are your FBI stories too secret?” Sam teases. Nick chuckles along with him, “Who said anything about my skeleton’s being FBI related?” Sam raises his eyebrows. “It’s gotta be something to do with your job, what else could it be?” “You’d be surprised.” Or the fic in which Lucifer’s plan upon being released from the cage is to get his vessel to say yes by posing as an FBI agent and crashing a Winchester hunt.
Tags/Warnings: It just gets slightly angsty at the end, nothing season 5 canon doesn’t do already though, Canon divergent- s5, FBI agent Nick/Lucifer, Case fic

The Waiting Room
Author name: brieflymaximumprincess
Artist name: wearemykingdom
Beta: spnyoucantkeepmedown i-bleed-salt
Side-Pairing: minor Gabriel/Kali
Rating: mature
Summary:It promises to be Sam’s worst night ever. A little earlier that day, he received a phone call saying Dean had an accident and Sam needed to come immediately to the hospital. Now that he is there, Sam is made waiting in a room without any information while doctors try to save Dean’s life. To add to the nightmare, the only other person present seems to be the guy who crashed into his car on his way to the hospital.
Tags/Warnings: human!au, angst, hospitals, anxiety attack, crisis of faith, family drama, blow job

Mice for Fenton
Author name: TalkMagically
Artist name: Lux Tuli
Rating: Teen
Summary: Humans are becoming more and more aware of the Supernatural. Sam has discovered a group of doctors who want to study the causes, effects, and treatment of PTSD on supernatural creatures. Seeing an opportunity, Sam convinces Lucifer to volunteer. (Loosely based on Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes)
Tags/Warnings: Angst, Drama, Ableist Language/Ideas

Author name: Keandre
Artist name: Lux-tuli
Beta: Briefly
Rating: Explicit
Summary: Sam blushed, absolutely horrified by how the situation turned. I’m not a damn child, you dick. He thought with conviction. Nick and not Dick, said the name on his uniform’s card, looked at him with the kind of smile that an adult gave to a particularly turbulent but cute child who’s just fallen from a sidewalk. The kind of smile that makes you want to bend the torso and scream with rage, which actually is a very childish behavior.
Tags/Warnings: Fluff - Too much fluff - angst who happen suddenly - Sassy Sam Winchester - lucifer being cute - Undercover Missions - Alternate Universe - Lawyer Sam - Mechanic Dean - Undercover Agent Lucifer - Past Character Death - Scars - a lot of scars - Spanking - sex happen


Questions you just can’t ask
Author: silvaxus
Artist: lucifers-little-stick
Tags/trigger warnings: Samifer - Freeform, Samifer Big Bang 2018, Alternate Universe - Human, Homophobia, Church Bashing,BDSM, BDSM Scene, Dom/sub, Dom Sam Winchester, Sub Lucifer (Supernatural), stressed Lucifer, Nipple Clamps, Collars, Collared Lucifer, Rimming, Sex Toys, Rope Bondage, Punishment, Orgasm Delay/Denial, Spanking, Praise, Ice Play, Anal Fingering, Anal Sex, Top Sam Winchester, Bottom Lucifer (Supernatural), Aftercare, NSFW Art
Summary: Moving to a new place is always stressful and their new neighbours didn’t really help Lucifer to feel welcome and at home at all and Sam saw it. He saw the dark rings under his husbands’ eyes and that they hadn’t much time for each other wasn’t helpful either. Time to prepare their new basement…with different themes and when Lucifer finally snapped Sam had the perfect punishment in mind.

The Worst Day
Author: rinienne
Artist: azraphele
Tags/Trigger Warnings: Case Fic, Fluff, Accidental Date, Mentions of torture/child abuse.
Summary: Lucifer helped to defeat Michael from the alternative universe, but it doesn’t mean everyone immediately started trusting him. When Lucifer asks to spend a day with his son, Dean insists Sam needs to join the pair to keep an eye on the archangel. That is how the three of them end up at a traveling carnival, and Sam is mentally preparing to have the worst day of his life.

Monsters out of Time
Author: jumclia
Artist: humongouscandycoffee
Tags/trigger warnings: No major warnings, Canon AU / Post Season 11, Light Hearted, Developing Relationship
Summary: God vanishes with his sister, Sam finds himself waiting at the bunker for Dean. But Lucifer arrives first, feeling just as lost as Sam. A relationship snaps into place that both don’t want to feel guilty about.

nice things don’t happen to assholes like us
Author: azraphele
Artist: N/A
Tags/trigger warnings: James Bond!AU, comedy, Sam as a Bond girl (aka boy), Lucifer as James Bond, Balthazar as Sam’s boss, Meg as Moneypenny, God as M, Charlie as Q, Kevin as another IT guy, Dean as the stressed out brother who just can’t be worried about planning his own wedding and wondering why Sam seems to be running for his life every time he calls him, and many more…. Including a certain someone as the James Bond villain.
Summary: “You know, for future reference, if we make it out alive I am never going to sleep with you again,” Sam whisper yells at the man he is currently tied to. “Don’t make promises you can’t keep Sammy,” Lucifer whispers back. Sam doesn’t know what he has done to deserve getting mixed up with this asshole. Is it that one time Sam gave his boss coffee with regular milk even though he knew he was lactose intolerant? Or did this happen to him because of the time he lied to Dean about having sex in the impala? Maybe that, maybe both. Or maybe Sam just has really bad taste in men. OR Lucifer as James Bond, Sam as the Bond girl except he’s not a girl but he’s still helplessly swept up in the adventure and into Lucifer’s bed, and he just can’t figure out what he’s done to deserve this nonsense.

For I Have Sinned
Author: lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell
Artist: talkmagically
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Lucifer/Sam Winchester, Jo Harvelle/Dean Winchester
Characters: Lucifer (Supernatural), Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Azazel (Supernatural), Meg Masters, Garth Fitzgerald IV, Bobby Singer, Amara (Supernatural), Death (Supernatural), Michael (Supernatural)
Additional Tags: Vampire AU, Forever Knight!AU, Season 1 Episode 3, Vampire!Lucifer, Prior Lucifer/Amara, Dean/Jo relationship, Serial Killers, Cop AU, Detective!Lucifer, Medical Examiner!Sam, detective!dean, faith - Freeform, Catholicism, Religious Delusions, Vampire/Human relations, Historical Fiction Kind Of, Joan of Arc - Freeform, mild infidelity, not really - Freeform
Summary: Luke Knight, or Sir Lucifer de Brabant, is an 800 year old vampire who wishes to regain his mortality with the help of his boyfriend, Dr. Sam Winchester- the only mortal alive who knows who or what Luke is. While working on as a detective in 1990’s Toronto, on a case featuring a man suffering from a religious delusion and is murdering women of a local Catholic church with his partner, Dean Smith, Luke must face the Christian faith as the next hurdle in his quest to become human again. With all the discussions of faith, he remembers a particular countryman whom is now one of the most revered saints in Catholicism.


The Case of the Puzzle of Sam Winchester
Author: lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell
Artist: talkmagically
Tags/trigger warnings: Criminal Minds type AU, Dark!Sam, Serial Killer!Sam, FBI Agent!Lucifer, Top!Sam, Bottom!Lucifer, Mentioned child death, oops, there’s a lot of oopsies, Anal Sex, Taboo relationships, cumming untouched, breath play, gun play
Summary: Lucifer Alighieri is a member of the elite Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI. His Unit Chief assigns him to work on a complete profile of the infamous “The Love Strangular”, or Sam Winchester. Over the course of the next several weeks, Lucifer works hard to solve the puzzle that is Sam Winchester. But is the only way to solve the puzzle is to fall in love with a serial killer?

The Devil’s Violinist
Author: Silvaxus
Artist: wearemykingdom
Tags/trigger warnings: Human AU, Businessman Lucifer, musician Sam, age difference, Lucifer has a crush, older Lucifer, virgin Sam, Sam blushes a lot, dirty talk, virgin kink, dom/Sub elements, consent, mentions of masturbation, mentions of porn watching, oral sex, anal fingering, rimming, first time sex, Top Lucifer, Bottom Sam, morning sex, topping from the bottom, consensual masturbation, voice kink, mentions of bottom Lucifer, mentions of Top Sam,
Summary: Lucifer was bored, tired and ready to go home but after he sealed the deal with his new business partner, a good one for him, Lucifer still had no desire to go to a classical music concert. He always liked music but the violin wasn’t the kind of instrument Lucifer was interested in. This changed the instant Lucifer lay his eyes upon the young man handling the instrument. He was tall, young and beautiful men rarely are. With his interest awaken, Lucifer had to get to know the young man and after he got to now Sam, Lucifer had to have him.

Love in Focus
Author: mrsimoshen
Artist: talkmagically
Tags/trigger warnings: angst, home fires, nobody dies, law student Sam, photographer Lucifer, Gabriel meddles, Lucifer owns a club, Gabriel owns a bar, Michael owns a restaurant, Raphael owns a café, modeling, erotic modeling, nude photography, masturbation, dildos, anal sex, bit of bondage, happy ending
Summary: Law student Sam earns some cash by modeling for photo shoots. When tragedy strikes, agent/bar owner Gabriel and photographer/club owner Lucifer join forces to help him get back onto his feet. Determined to pay them back as quickly as possible, Sam dares to step into the world of erotic photography with the man he’s had a crush on for months– and finds he likes how being in front of the camera makes him feel. But only after Gabriel intervenes does he see there might be a chance for him and Lucifer beyond the camera.

Moodboards by Foxeyesam for the fic Severance
Moodboards by Foxeyesam for the fic Severance

Author: Killer of Hope
Artist: Foxeyesam
Tags/trigger warnings: Fantasy AU, References to Norse Religion & Lore, Magic, The Winter Theme is Everywhere aka: Sam is a glorified Jack Frost, Lucifer is the King of Jotunheim, Non-Sexual Intimacy
Summary: The Wanderer comes in the middle of the night. His fist pounds against the large door, the sounds shake the residents. They startle in their beds and the master of the house sends one of his vassals to check the entrance. Warriors do not tend to announce themselves as they ambush villages. ~Sam is the Lord of Winter.

Author: luciferspinkwings
Artist: ncdover1285
Tags/trigger warnings: Samifer Big Bang 2019 (Supernatural), Lucifer Redemption, POV Lucifer, Hurt Lucifer, Fluff, Angst, Angel Wings, Wing Grooming, Cute Lucifer/Sam Winchester, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Hurt/Comfort, The Cage is alive, Lucifer never tortured Sam, Soulmates, Self-Reflection, Self-Doubt, Plot What Plot
Summary: Miraculously freed from the cage, Lucifer is faced with many questions regarding himself and the state of affairs. He ends up meeting Sam Winchester, in a church out of all places, and things go from there. Both Sam and Lucifer have to make decisions regarding themselves and each other, and decide on the mark they want to leave behind on the world.

Remember Me
Author: ncdover1285
Artist: sirlsplayland
Tags/trigger warnings: Minor Character Death, Wing Oil As Lube, grace for prep, Anal Sex, Wing Kink, Amnesia, Protective Lucifer, the devil isn’t so bad, stuck in the cage
Summary: When Sam is literally yanked from the cage he fights the hands on him. He later fights his mind as the memories try to force themselves through. When his wall comes down his body shuts down under the amount of memories that flood in. What he sees couldn’t be real could it? Might Lucifer really not be that bad?