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A Web Weaving or a Web Weave is a type of Moodboard and/or Web Graphics, that started on Tumblr and is very popular there. It's vertical orientation is partly due to Tumblr's characteristics and specifically the difficulties, at one time, in arranging images on it in ways other than vertically. Some of the characteristics of web weavings that apply to them among other forms of web graphics are having a mostly or completely vertical format, with the most common format being a single line of images. And secondly having to, by definition, include some amount of both quotes, prose, or poetry, and also pictures.


Earliest use of the term seems to be in 2019 by oumaima on their medium blog. Tumblr user shensis also credits oumaima for the term.

The web weaving is delicate work, spinning around one single idea the work of others and my own love, but they map roads towards one another.

oumaima [1]

#web weaving #borrowing oumaima’s tag ❣️ #t

shensis [2]

There was never any single theme, but many of the earliest web weaves tended to have quotes pertaining to Achilles/Patroclus from The Iliad, because it was a popular subject on Tumblr at the time.



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