Rudyard Funn

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Name: Rudyard Funn
Occupation: Proprietor of Funn Funerals
Relationships: Antigone Funn (twin sister), Eric Chapman (rival), Georgie Crusoe (employee)
Fandom: Wooden Overcoats
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Rudyard Funn is a main character in Wooden Overcoats.


Rudyard is the proprietor of Funn Funerals, a failing family funeral home, and runs it along with his sister Antigone and their employee Georgie. At the beginning of the series a rival funeral home arrives on the small island of Piffling Vale and Rudyard starts an intense, somewhat one-sided rivalry with the new business and its owner.



Outside of shipping with Eric Chapman, Rudyard is not shipped much. This may be partially due to common portrayals of Rudyard as ace, aro or aroace.

Gen Pairings

Common Tropes and Fanon in Fanworks

  • Autistic Rudyard - Rudyard is commonly interpreted as Autistic.
  • Asexual Rudyard - Rudyard is often portrayed as Ace, he was confirmed canonically Asexual by way of Word of God in late 2022.[1]
  • Aromantic Rudyard - Another headcanon that commonly accompanies ace portrayals is that Rudyard is Aro. In a reply to the thread where he confirmed Rudyard's sexuality, David K. Barnes also revealed scrapped plans to explore his romantic side in the series and said "I'd say he's aro."[2]

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