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Journal Community
Name: asexual_fandom
Date(s): 17 January 2010 - present
Moderator: amaresu, espreite, true_statement
Founder: amaresu
Type: Most anything so long as it's asexual and fandom related.
Fandom: Multifandom
URL: asexual_fandom

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asexual_fandom is a Dreamwidth community that was created as a fannish safe-space for asexuals, although its members aren't limited to asexuals. Ace + Fandom = Awesome


asexual_fandom came about at the tail end of the late 2009-early 2010 slash vs. gay imbroglio. A number of bisexual and lesbian women had at that time been speaking up about their erasure by the debate being phrased as Straight Women vs. Gay Men. It was around this time that Kaz made a post bemoaning the erasure of asexuals from just about everything.[1] Much to pretty much everyone's shock, asexuals came pouring out of the woodwork to chime in about their feelings on the matter.

Multiple people expressed interest in an asexual community focused on fandom and thus it was created.

Community Projects

Asexual Comment!fic/Kink Meme was created for people to give asexually themed prompts and to write fic of the same. The goal is to have an ongoing post for comment!fic in a kink meme style, but without the focus on sex that is so often prevalent in those types of communities.

Ace Manifesto Project was started for people to write manifestos about why they read certain characters as asexual.

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