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Name: Ariadne
Occupation: Architect, dreamworker, student
Relationships: Ariadne/Arthur is arguably canon; Ariadne/Yusuf and Ariadne/Cobb are other popular pairings
Fandom: Inception
Other: Character page on Inception Wikia
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Ariadne is a character from the film Inception, portrayed by Elliot Page.[1]

Character Overview

Ariadne shows up in Inception when Dom Cobb is looking for an architect to build the dream levels. She's young, in school, and introduced as incredibly talented. She quickly builds an affinity with Cobb, to the degree that she goes into the dreams with the team in order to protect the others from Cobb's personal projections.

Ariadne also works closely side-by-side with Arthur, and he appears to take more of a hands-on approach with her training after Cobb brings her in to the inception job. Arthur and Ariadne also share a kiss during the film, which Arthur claims is a "distraction technique", but it gives fans a moment to build on and expand from. Arthur/Ariadne is thus the most common het pairing in the fandom; Ariadne/Cobb appears less often, while Ariadne/Yusuf often appears as a side pairing within Arthur/Eames fics and series.

Ariadne-Centric Fanworks


  • So Much to Say by Sour_Idealist: After everything that's happened, it's very hard to go back to being just a student. (Post-movie character study, Ariadne/Arthur)
  • cauchemar by nifeandaccurate: After Fischer, after inception, she doesn't know what to do with herself. Ever since she looked back, since she went running back to Cobb after that first dream trial gone wrong, she knew it would come to this. She can't go back, not with somnacin still burning through her system and fever dreams running through her mind, to the world of academia and smooth unmoving stonewall.
This is Ariadne, stuck between worlds. (Podfic)


  • Hotel by kaydeefalls: I have to learn to let you crash. Ariadne falls down the rabbit hole.

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